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Safe Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery  are an option to change physically someone's appearance. there are two kinds of cosmetic surgery a total change and reconstruction. The latter one returning an individual's sense of self after some form of injury and/or illness. The former allows the ability to overcome the physical characteristics one was born with. In a way, the former represents the forefront of how changes in technology can allow changes to the human body.

There are three type of major surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck
The tummy tuck are also known as abdomino-plasty, this surgical procedure remove excess fat and skin  from abdomen. This procedure can make a major improvement to the looks of anyone who has protruding abdominal muscles, as it will help tighten the muscles in the abdomen. Tummy tucks have become quite common for both men and women alike, especially those who have gone through a dramatic weight loss and are left with extra fat and a saggy tummy. The final result is a flatter and smoother abdomen. 

The surgical procedure known as liposuction help to diminish deposits of fat in the body to shape and sculpt it. This is done by using a canula – a thin tube with vacuum-suction action, to remove fat under the skin. Some procedures use a probe powered by ultrasound that breaks up small pieces of fat to make the removal easier.

Breast Augmentation
Many women feel that their breasts are too big and they need to have a breast augmentation done so to improve the way they look and feel.  This procedure can be taken care of with the help of a plastic surgeon.  This procedure is common than it sounds and can be done with little or no hospital stay.   For some women, they are released to go home the very same day or within a short time afterwards. 

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