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Why Some of Sport Still Allow Steroids?

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Dr. Bhasin from UCLA managed to prove testosterone (the mother of all steroids) given to those who rarely exercise, as a result the muscle size and strength of people using testosterone increased, although not as much as those who doing sport/exercise + using testosterone, the one who often use by athlete and sportsman are Winstrol

However, these steroids are often used by bodybuilders, athletes, and sports persons to increase their muscle mass, strength, and stamina. The first known use of anabolic steroid- testosterone propionate was mentioned in US weightlifting/bodybuilding magazine, Strength and Health magazine in 1938.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation, now the International Association of Athletics Federations, became the first international governing body of sport to ban anabolic steroids in sports. These drugs were banned by FIFA, Union Cycliste Internationale (cycling), and International Olympic Committee in 1966-67. but they still can buy Buy Steroids for weight loss or body building

However, Major League Baseball remained lenient about the use of steroids in baseball. The use of steroids in baseball became hotly debatable in the mid 1990s. Baseball athletes still can Buy Steroids and use it freely without having punished, a Steroids in baseball became hot subject of sports news, magazines, and rumors. Though, a 1988 US federal law declared the use and distribution of anabolic steroid drugs for nontherapeutic illegal, Major League Baseball did not test for steroids in baseball.

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