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Blood Doping Disallowed, Athlete prefer using Plasma Blood Therapy

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Blood doping mostly done by athletes that requiring endurance in sport, because enhance amount of red corpuscle in body. But after blood doping prohibited, now the many athletes use Plasma Blood Therapy or platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Blood doping not allowed for athletes who will follow competitions. This because Blood doping involve blood sampling week before competitions and later injected returned instantaneous before competitions.

Oxygen brought corpuscle red can increase endurance, primarily in sporting aerobic like distance running and bicycles. This banned in many branches sports because reasons existence performance improvement, although that using athlete blood itself.

Whereas therapy platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or blood spinning lathes (lap blood) is retrieval small number blood, containing platelets or blood fractions that secrete factors, later injected on body part injury for accelerate healing.

"PRP not brought oxygen or owning factors within concentration that may assist performance," said Edward Kalfayan, a surgeon orthopedic Seattle, quoted from WSJHealth, Wednesday (7/4/2010).

On PRP, doctor usually unpack 1 until 2 ounces blood from venous patients and twisted on centrifugal or machines separator two substances, for separates platelet used for freezing and healing. Then inseminating PRP returned to body patients wounds or injury, which stimulates repair damaged tissue. Most patients experiencing healing within weeks.

PRP has used in dentistry since 1970s, and recently used for medication injury bones at athlete and also pasein other. Sometimes PRP also used simultaneously with operating process order accelerate recovery.

Surgeons cardiac using PRP for strengthen tissues bypass surgery and few surgeons plastics and dermatologists use as alternatives filler facial.

However, several doctors warned that popularity PRP has precedes scientific evidence. Research still lasted to determine not just whether this condition worked better but also concentration platelet most effective, how many injections most useful and how interval.

One study presented on conference surgeons orthopedic discover that one forms PRP ineffective when used to supports network during operations rotator cuff.

Within Journal of American Medical Association in January, found that saltwater equally effective with PRP for fix slightly Achilles tendon wounded on patients undergoing symptoms during least two months.

Indeed, several doctors believe that patients must tries conservative approach else before PRP, because many wounds will healed by itself.

"I will not use PRP, unless you've tried other treatment like anti inflammatory or physical therapy," Dr Brian Halpern, an specialist medication sports non-surgical at Special Hospital Surgery in New York City.

But according Dr Halpern, thing large about PRP is that you using networks own. And people lack negative reaction their networks own.

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