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Enlarged Heart on Athlete Due to Exercise are Not Harmful

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New York, excessive physical activity, especially in sports can cause enlarged heart size. This Phenomenon known as athlete's heart is proven harmless.

To prove it, as quoted from Reuters, Sunday (18/4/2010) Researchers in Italy studied 114 national athletes who had experienced at least 2 games following the Olympics. The athletes were taken from various branches such as rowing, skiing, running, cycling and others.

In 2 separate observations with a distance of 8 years, researchers found that the number of blood cells being pumped by the heart of the athletes did not change. Cardiac muscle in general also seem similar, although in some parts slightly swollen.

Heart size was developed as a result of the exercise for years, but experts concluded it was not brought to health problems. The findings are published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

"Evidently the heart of the athletes stay healthy, and still allows for longer training with more severe intensity. This study proves the importance of physical exercise for body fitness." Dr. Malissa J. Wood of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Previously, the doctors discovered enlarged heart size on some athletes Tour de France. Although enlarged, its ability to pump blood so weakened it sparked fears caused by excessive activity.

Allegations about excessive physical activity ultimately denied by the Italian research scientists. Another possibility then arises is, weakening of the heart in athletes was triggered by the use of doping in the form of erythropoetin (EPO).

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