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Free Mayweather vs Mosley Live Boxing Streams

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a boxer who relies on skill. While Shane Mosley is a fighter who mastered the speed. So, who wins? Yes, both will compete in the struggle for world title WBA super middle-class version. The plan, scrolling fighting at the MGM, Las Vegas, next May 1.

This will be the best fight this year. and we can watch this best fight live on this channel Free Mayweather vs Mosley Live Boxing Streams Because, Mosley is the WBA title holder of the middle class, while Mayweather is a boxer who has won a record 41 times without ever losing.Some Mosley rate too fast and big for Mayweather. But The Money (Mayweather nickname), is optimistic that his skill are able to make the opponent down to his knees.

"They all talked about the strength of Mosley. But, in the boxing world you need all the power including the ingenuity to achieve victory, "said Mayweather.

"If we are in the wrestling match, then the power would be key to winning. But, we play in the fight boxing and I was the best fighter in this sport, "continued the American boxer.

"If you compare our record, you must be asking who the better fighter and smarter. The man was me. This is the boxing world, beautiful sport called boxing, "he added.

"Mosley does have a solid record in a middle class, but I've never fought a boxer like this throughout his career," he said on Thursday (22/04/2010).

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