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How Much England Opportunity to Become Champions in World Cup 2010

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England is expected going to be a serious competitor in the World Cup in 2010. John Barnes who had defended the 'Three Lions' is judged that it is not realistic to expect Wayne Rooney cs will sit on the champion throne. actually, what is the chance of England to Became champion? According to FiFa portal, England are in Group C along with USA, Algeria and Slovenia.

Barnes played a part as England cruised into the semi-finals of World Cup 1990 - the best achievement of England after a World Cup champion in 1966 - did not want fans much hope that by chance the England in South Africa later. Although Barnes has a pessimistic view about England team, there are lots of  good facts such as; According to World Cup odds England have a good possibility to win from this Group C, although Wayne Rooney injury is still a problem.

Not only that, the former Liverpool winger was even considered that Spain and Brazil has a great opportunity to become champions in the game next summer. England alone is not feasible properly called champion candidates.

"This is not a premature conclusion. There are teams that are better than us. Spain and Brazil are two excellent, and deserved it," said Barnes.

England is playing with confidence high, stable and consistent. This at least would take them away from the group phase and possibly until the semis. "But if we face Brazil in the semis, what we will be able to beat them? Yes, as long as we play at the highest levels and our star players also play with skill. So is not realistic to expect us to win, although we still can. Also we'll look good, but we must respect the other teams, "said Barnes.

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