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If You Have More Time, Would You Exercise?

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 London, Most adults choose a reason do not have time to exercise. The reason is always a classic no time or too busy. If the time is more than 24 hours a day, people want to exercise?

Surveys by the British Heart Foundation, noted two of the three British men claimed not to have time to exercise, even for 30 minutes of time available 24 hours daily.

Although three quarters of 2000 the participants feel in good health, but 93 percent admitted feeling guilty because they do not exercise. Besides lack of exercise, participants also felt guilty for not eating nutritious food with regular, often drinking alcohol, smoking and eat less vegetables and fruit.

Everyone agrees with the theory of 'healthy sport', but few can realize the theory. And based on survey results, the cause of most participants was thrown there was no time.

"It seems that the adult population is now very annoyed with all the daily activities as to not have time for sports. Rarely did that include exercise into your weekly agenda let alone daily," said Dr Mike Knapton, director of Prevention and Care BHF like Dailymail quoted, Thursday (4/1/20101).

If the reason is only because of less or no time, so whether if, when more than 24 hours a day, someone willing to do sports?

"Not necessarily, if there is more time a person can exercise. Out of time work or other activities, the more you spend the time to berisitirahat. Even if one day lebh than 24 hours and more than 30 days a month, exercise equipment will not be prioritized," Dr Knapton said.

"Adults only takes the initiative and better time management to get regular exercise. The reason there is no time or too busy should not be a barrier to exercise. That risk becomes an adult, must do many things within a limited time," he added.

No one deny that the sport is healthy, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, improve sexual ability, the intellectual brain and many other benefits. Now it's time to prove that theory.

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