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NBA Players Show Their Concern About the Environment.

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American basketball league the NBA has a way to show their concern about the environment. One week ahead, will host the program titled 'Green Week'.

'Green Week' is the NBA's regular programs to show concern for environmental issues and to encourage the players and spectators to make a contribution to saving the environment.

A number of activities will be conducted to ensure the success of the program. Two of them are the players will wear shirts that 50 percent of the material comes from recycled polyester ball and auctioning 40 percent of the material is recycled material.

On the ball was recycled, there are NBA players signatures. Results of the auction is planned to be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council The National (NRDC), an institution engaged in rescue SDA.

Create a Phoenix Suns player Steve Nash, the show was not just a form of concern NBA on environmental issues, but also becomes an invitation to the wider community also contribute.

"I think the more important of these is the existence of the message. This makes people think and ask, then will be more and more people who could change his life style and become a part of this movement," Nash said in YahooSports.

"This gives us greater opportunity to overcome the problem of global warming," continued his everyday players who drive hybrid cars that.

'Green Week' NBA will take place next week until 9 April.

"It's important for us to realize ourselves by our deeds due to the environment. Let's adjust our lifestyle with long-term sustainability of this planet," said the man was 36 years.

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