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Psychological Effects of the Keepers Wearing the Red Shirt

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London, Colours of clothes worn by the goalkeeper did not affect the confidence the players to score goals. But there are psychological effects if the goalie wearing a red shirt that proved at least conceded the ball.

Researchers who conducted the University of Chichester discovered there are psychological effects of the shirt worn by the goalkeeper with the incoming number of goals.

Lowest number of goals is the wicket keeper who kept the red costumed (54 percent), followed by yellow (69 percent), blue (72 percent), and green (75 percent).

As quoted from HealthDay, Monday (19/04/2010), researchers from the University of Chichester conduct an experiment to see how big the influence. 40 footballers on the campus were asked to do 20 times the total penalty.

All players perform each of 10 shots on goal that kept the goalkeeper with a costume patterned black stripes. The next 10 shots on goal directed, guarded by a goalkeeper with a costume patterned stripes in blue, yellow, green or red.

Prior to execution of penalties, the players asked to estimate how many goals they can print. They were also asked to indicate how much confidence in making such estimates.

The result, the color red costume from the least experienced goalkeeper conceded. Iain Greenlees researchers from the University of Chichester considered that the red color can give a small but highly significant advantage for
a team in a competition.

The same thing can happen in boxing or martial arts matches, where players get different colors at random angles.

The study was presented at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society, which took place last week in Stratford-upon-Avon.

This research proved successful penalty kick in soccer is not only determined by the fitness and skill the executioner. Because the costumes worn by the goalkeeper also made an impact psychologically.

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