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Routine Exercise Can Reduce Your Appetite

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Who says sports make bigger appetite? Results conducted by researchers found regular exercise can actually reduce the appetite. With regular exercise your body will issue a satiety signal that can defeat hunger.

People who do regular exercise can reduce weight because of increased appetite in the morning, but not in the daytime.
Meanwhile, people who rarely exercise are not successful in reducing their weight and no appetite in the morning, but was increased appetite during the day.

In a small study of 58 adult obesity and overweight, researchers found that many sports are an effective way to lose weight.

Though many say that after the exercise, your appetite will increase, but the evidence that study participants who followed it did not have appetite to eat again after your workout.

Participants who perform regular exercise to lose weight and successfully claimed an increase of appetite in the morning, but not in the daytime.

"The reason people who successfully lose weight is to decrease appetite, which was derived from the frequency of exercise," said Dr. Neil King, from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, as quoted from Reuters on Thursday (26/11/2009).

But King cautioned that sport if someone does not impose excessive hunger and are not normal.

Previous studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, King and colleagues looked at 58 women and men who weigh more during the 12 weeks. Participants also follow a special exercise to burn 500 calories.

Each morning, participants are given a breakfast cereal or toast and asked to measure their level of hunger before eating breakfast, after and in the rest of the day after breakfast. After 12 weeks, totaling 32 participants managed to reduce weight, while 26 others did not.

Apparently those who successfully lose weight is that they are a big appetite and lust morning a little lunch and diligent exercise, while those who fail to lose weight just no appetite in the morning, eager in the daytime and rarely exercise.

Also unclear why there was a reduction of appetite after exercise. But the researchers speculate that during physical activity, there are two things that happen, that increase appetite satiety signal that actually triggers the body. Satiety signal is then defeat hunger.

"The key message is that exercise is good for the body. No need to expect that weight reduction is not realistic and do not stop if unsuccessful can reduce weight," says King.

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