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Trim Calories by Reduce WatchingTV

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 Burlington, Simply by reducing the habit of watching television (TV), can reduce calories without realizing it. No need to go to the gym by not watching TV because of the attention will shift into the habit of doing housework, gardening or simply arrange photographs would be formed and could be a substitute for exercise in burning calories.

James Crouse is one of the participants who followed the study of the influence of TV on the calories the body. Crouse ordinary watch TV for 25 to 26 hours in a week. But because he had to follow the study, Crouse is one of 36 study participants managed to reduce 50 percent of the time in front of her TV and burned 120 calories each day.

"The amount is equal to calories when walking a mile," said Jennifer Otten of the University of Vermont, as quoted from HealthDay, Tuesday (15/12/2009).

Rather than doing a treadmill or exercise, participants are actually just doing housework, gardening, yoga or just arrange photos. But it turns out these activities also affect calorie burn.

Although investigators did not prove clinically about calorie reduction, but this study is expected to motivate someone to do the slightest change, including reducing the time watching TV.

"This is good news that should be applied to everyone. If not, the research study and not just leave a trace of anything. Is not it easier to turn off the TV and do an activity rather than come to the gym for menyengajakan sports?" diabetes educator Eugenio Lopez said.

TV is not actually reduce the causes of reduced calories, but the motivation to do something else the key.

"This is just one form of small changes, but I think small changes are beginning to launch a big change," said Dr. Marina Kurian from Langone Medical Center, New York.

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