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Welcome back, Tiger!!

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Augusta, Georgia - Tiger Woods proved his plans to comeback to the golf Arena by appearing earlier in the tournament located in Augusta National. He will face more opponents, fans and media in the new circumstances.

This Sunday woods will do all that after he was hit by a sex scandal since mid-November last year, which makes a lot of sponsors "flee", and he was almost abandoned by his wife, Elen. After missing five months, he will swing the stick again and played in the tournament he has ever won it for four times.

Reuters reported on Monday (5/3/2010), Woods appearance on Sunday's are very surprisingly he practicing for several minutes. He was accompanied by his loyal friend and mentor, Mark O'Meara. He also had the chance to chat briefly with the sixth-origin British golfer Paul Casey, and the 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk.

In this appearance Woods wearing sunglasses, dressed in purple and white. His caddy, Steve Williams, carrying a black bag without any sponsor logos except for the initials of the owner, TG. Woods looked very relaxed and often smiling, and had joked one a deputy sheriff in these locations after the workout is completed.

"He's playing great," said O'Meara told journalists. "He did what he should do. He's fine. I think he's ready to go out and start playing again. He's one of the most tough-minded person I ever met."

In the session Woods did not give any statement to reporters, and will give official press conference ahead of the tournament today at 2 pm at local time. This will be his first news conference since the case affair shook the world.

Not only the media, Woods will play again in front of the fans starting this Thursday. Last month he admitted to not knowing what would've received a greeting from the public, as some circles to give a bad image for betraying his wife and family by having sex with many other women.

"I do not know. To be honest, I was a little tense about it," he said in a special interview with ESPN last month. "It would be nice if I could hear their applause here and there. But I also hope they were clapping for the Birdie-Birdie that I can do."

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