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Oops, Wrong Jump at the Swimming Pool Could Trigger a Spinal Injury

Michigan, Swimming is a fun sport. usually because people want to get to the water quickly, they jumped into the pool by throwing his body. This position can be dangerous because it could trigger a spinal injury.

Pressure on the surface of the pool is enough to cause injury. If you jump into the water with the body first, spinal nerve injury would await you.

We recommend that if you want to jump into the swimming pool make sure feet touched the water first, especially if the water is shallow or deep unknown.

Recommendation was submitted by researchers from the University of Michigan who also noted that the accident in the pool has resulted in 6,000 children in the United States admitted to hospital each year. Approximately 20 percent of them end up with spinal nerve injury.

Quoted from HealthDay, Sunday (05/30/2010), a video public service message about it will be aired at all cinemas in Michigan this summer. Josh Weber (32 years), citizens of Michigan who suffered spinal nerve injury testifies role in the video.

"Imagine you could never stand up from a chair. Imagine yourself unable to get up early and could not get out of bed. Your life can change in just a blink of an eye. Open your eyes and understand that our lives are so fragile," Weber's message which is one of the victims jumped in the pool in his testimony.

Not all injuries caused by hitting the bottom. According to experts, the University of Michigan neurosurgeon, Dr. Shawn Hervey Jumper, the pressure at the surface of the pool is enough to cause injury.

"Our neurosurgery team discovered how easy such an injury occurs. We can treat it with the most sophisticated technology, but the best thing you can do is prevent it from happening," said Karin Muraszko, chief of neurosurgery center at the University of Michigan.

Spinal nerve injury or spinal cord injury (SCI) usually triggered by trauma, such as traffic accidents or mistreatment. Can also be triggered by diseases such as tumors or attack by viruses.

Someone who suffered spinal nerve injury generally experience paralysis, and lost some ability to receive excitatory nerve. Depending on the severity of injuries.


Choosing Suitable Golf Course on Myrtle Beach

Lots of people said that the  most popular and fun activities while vacationing in Myrtle Beach is golf, but i confused how to play a golf in the beach? and where is the place to have such activity? until i finally found the clue when opening this website http://www.myrtlebeachgolf.net. In fact that Myrtle Beach has become very well known for golfing for years, I will add Myrtle Beach as a perfect destination with some of my friends planning vacations specifically we the beginner who want to get golf, don`t have to be scare because golf in Myrtle Beach not only for the pro. we the newbie or even pro in golf can get Myrtle Beach golf courses, The Myrtle Beach area consists of over sixty miles of sunny beaches, and is nicknamed the Grand Strand. An easy and affordable way to book a golf trip in this area is by booking it through a package deal.

The golf packages in Myrtle Beach covers many different options. There is everything from golf to all accommodation such as resorts to villas specifically meant for golfers, to hotel suites, to chain hotels, to beachfront condos, to luxury homes. This allows you to travel individually, as a family, with a friend, or within a group. No matter who your traveling companions will be, you will have adequate accommodations, with whichever amenities you are desiring.

The prices of the Myrtle Beach golf packages are vary, with most packages including accommodations for three or four nights, with three or four days of golfing, and in most cases including three different golf courses. The time of year can also vary the price of a package, looking at off-season and in-season golfing for Myrtle Beach. The prices range anywhere depending on the package length, location and time.


Beckham: This is the Time for England to be World Cup Champion

England midfielder David Beckham is hoping England can reach the two major accomplishments this year. First, the British could win the World Cup in 2010, and second, can be a World Cup host in 2018.

"Hopefully this year we can win bigger prizes, winning the World Cup and also won off the pitch," Beckham said as quoted from the Goal, Friday, May 14, 2010.

Beckham currently was asked as ambassadors to promote English football as a host country's World Cup in 2018. Beckham had to work extra hard to compete with Russia, Spain and Portugal are also interested to host the 2018 World Cup.

"It shows how passionate we are as a football-loving nation, and our society one of the largest and diverse, but ready to welcome any team that will come," said Beckham.

"We have a fantastic stadium, transportation and hotels that ready for World Cup," explained Beckham.

The last time the Three Lions into champions in the event a grand four-year football was in 1966. Now, under the tutelage of manager Fabio Capello, Beckham is hoping to repeat the success in 1966 in order to become capital in the next World Cup.


Some Tricks that Can Make Exercise More Effective and Burn Fat Faster

Regular exercise is believed to be one easy way to burn fat and keeps the body fit. However, there are some tricks in order to exercise more effective.Perform the following points to burn calories faster.

1. Eating before exercise Eating a bar or a low carb biscuits 90 minutes before exercise, allowing you exercise longer and burn more calories. Steve Zim, author of "Hot points Fitness' warned to watch their food intake before exercise.
When dinner time approached fitness exercise, the blood will flow to the stomach quickly and reduce the performance of sporting movements.

2. Breathe through your nose Inhaling and exhaling through your nose helps stabilize your heart rate and increase endurance. Avoid doing with his mouth. By breathing through your nose, can exercise longer and burn more calories. To train it, it takes approximately six to eight movements so perfect.

3. Movement at the end of cardio exercise "Perform warm-up movements before doing cardiovascular exercise," advises Ken Fitzgerald, owner of Lift Gym in New York. The body needs 15 minutes of warm-up before you start burning fat.

4. Vary movements Doing the exact same workout every time exercise causes the body to adapt and eventually stop burn many calories. So vary the sports movement. If you run a the day, try biking or swimming at the next session.
If you usually start the exercise from the shoulders and arms, try to start from the feet on the next occasion.

5. Do not bend Bent over a bicycle handlebar or when doing the movement, will slow the process of burning fat, said Fitzgerald. A load or clinging to help balance the weight. If not, a bicycle pedal slower.

6. Interval movement The best way to burn fat is to work as hard as long as I can, "says Malick Diop, a fitness trainer at Equinox Gyms in New York. If just beginning exercise, the interval will be very helpful.
Treadmill exercise for two minutes at 7 mph, followed by two minutes at 5 mph, then back to 7 mph for 20-45 minutes. It'll burn fat faster and build endurance.

7. Add a light load More and more muscle work, the more calories you burn. So when you do not have much time with cardio exercises, Zim suggests doing bicep curls and overhead movements 2-3 kilograms of weight lifting. Can also do when walking or climbing stairs. This will strengthen your muscles and burn more fat than cardio exercise without burden.


Nash Score 33 points, Suns beat Spurs

Steve Nash showed his talent again with the Phoenix Suns. Nash brought the Suns beat out Spurs in the semi-finals of the Western Region.

Suns have to fight hard in the second quarter to beat the Spurs' 111-102. Nash's onfire game score 33 points and 10 assists help the Suns win.

Nash performances aided by his partner, Jason Richardson, who score 27 points. Also Amare Stoudemire with 23 points and 13 rebounds.

At the Spurs camp, Three Musketeers Manu GinĂ³bili score 27 points, Tony Parker 26 points and Tim Duncan's 20 points. Unfortunately, Spurs' record tainted. Previously, the Spurs scored three consecutive wins in the first game against the Suns in the playoffs.

Victory over the Suns in Game 1 could be a sign of the triumph of Spurs. In 2005 and 2007, the Spurs won the NBA trophy.

In the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Boston Celtics leveled 1-1 after the conquest of the Cleveland Cavaliers 104-86.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Finally Defeating Shane Mosley in the 12th Round

Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally prove what he said after defeating Shane Mosley in the 12th round Welter class while playing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Sunday, May 2, 2010. Mosley beat Mayweather success with absolute numbers, 119-109, 119-109 and 118-110.

Since the first round, Mayweather is more likely to survive than with rival Mosley. But 33-year-old boxer was finally started on the actual battle-fourth round.

Money boxer with the nickname of the blow threw it directly into the face of Mosley continuing. Several times a blow from his right hand landed right in the face of a boxer nicknamed the Sugar.

With a victory over Mosley, Mayweather add an unbeaten record of his game. From 41 appearances, it was Michigan-born boxer always wins and 25 wins by KO. While Mosley. with the defeat of 47 appearances, 39 of them knockouts and six defeats.
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