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Beckham: This is the Time for England to be World Cup Champion

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England midfielder David Beckham is hoping England can reach the two major accomplishments this year. First, the British could win the World Cup in 2010, and second, can be a World Cup host in 2018.

"Hopefully this year we can win bigger prizes, winning the World Cup and also won off the pitch," Beckham said as quoted from the Goal, Friday, May 14, 2010.

Beckham currently was asked as ambassadors to promote English football as a host country's World Cup in 2018. Beckham had to work extra hard to compete with Russia, Spain and Portugal are also interested to host the 2018 World Cup.

"It shows how passionate we are as a football-loving nation, and our society one of the largest and diverse, but ready to welcome any team that will come," said Beckham.

"We have a fantastic stadium, transportation and hotels that ready for World Cup," explained Beckham.

The last time the Three Lions into champions in the event a grand four-year football was in 1966. Now, under the tutelage of manager Fabio Capello, Beckham is hoping to repeat the success in 1966 in order to become capital in the next World Cup.

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