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Oops, Wrong Jump at the Swimming Pool Could Trigger a Spinal Injury

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Michigan, Swimming is a fun sport. usually because people want to get to the water quickly, they jumped into the pool by throwing his body. This position can be dangerous because it could trigger a spinal injury.

Pressure on the surface of the pool is enough to cause injury. If you jump into the water with the body first, spinal nerve injury would await you.

We recommend that if you want to jump into the swimming pool make sure feet touched the water first, especially if the water is shallow or deep unknown.

Recommendation was submitted by researchers from the University of Michigan who also noted that the accident in the pool has resulted in 6,000 children in the United States admitted to hospital each year. Approximately 20 percent of them end up with spinal nerve injury.

Quoted from HealthDay, Sunday (05/30/2010), a video public service message about it will be aired at all cinemas in Michigan this summer. Josh Weber (32 years), citizens of Michigan who suffered spinal nerve injury testifies role in the video.

"Imagine you could never stand up from a chair. Imagine yourself unable to get up early and could not get out of bed. Your life can change in just a blink of an eye. Open your eyes and understand that our lives are so fragile," Weber's message which is one of the victims jumped in the pool in his testimony.

Not all injuries caused by hitting the bottom. According to experts, the University of Michigan neurosurgeon, Dr. Shawn Hervey Jumper, the pressure at the surface of the pool is enough to cause injury.

"Our neurosurgery team discovered how easy such an injury occurs. We can treat it with the most sophisticated technology, but the best thing you can do is prevent it from happening," said Karin Muraszko, chief of neurosurgery center at the University of Michigan.

Spinal nerve injury or spinal cord injury (SCI) usually triggered by trauma, such as traffic accidents or mistreatment. Can also be triggered by diseases such as tumors or attack by viruses.

Someone who suffered spinal nerve injury generally experience paralysis, and lost some ability to receive excitatory nerve. Depending on the severity of injuries.

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