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5 Benefits of Weight Training For Women

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Many women avoid weight training for fear that his body turned into a muscled like a bodybuilder. In fact, weight training brings many benefits to you. The following benefits can be gained by weight training:

1. Bone Density
In addition to muscle training, weight training was also good for the bones. With weight training, you have strong bones, so to avoid myself from bone fractures and osteoporosis.

2. Confidence
Researchers have seen an increasing comfort and confidence in yourself women who do weight training. This is not surprising because those who did weight training has a body more beautiful.

3. Metabolism
Each year the muscle mass will decrease after the age of three that entered the head of the metabolic rate also decreased. The result, calories are burned more difficult than your 20s.

Weight training can help increase your metabolism, thus burning calories faster. You were protected from the threat of excess weight.

4. Body Strength
Weight training will help their daily activities. Ordinary shopping bags that seemed very heavy, long run will feel lighter.

5. Brain Function
Weight training can also improve brain function. A study says that women who do weight training one higga two hours in one week, increased cognitive ability than those who did not.

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