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Burn Calories With Your Favorite Sport!

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Any exercise can burn calories in a certain amount. It all depends on the number of movements and efforts in the sport. Here's a list of sports, the benefits and calories burned in one hour.

Want to get sexy body like Maria Sharapova's ? Tennis is the answer. This sport as much as 544 calories burned in one hour. Besides tennis also makes the hand, shoulder, back and your thighs tighten and sexy.

Just like tennis, volleyball burn many calories. Approximately 544 calories can be burned by playing volleyball. Each hit volleyball, then you have a bicep curl, chest, abdomen and thighs. Bonus, you can free tanning!

The best cardio is in addition to increasing respiratory someone also burn more calories than most other cardio exercise like running and cycling. A total of 476 calories can be burned in one hour swim. Forget about practicing in the gym if you love this sport. Swimming can also tighten and form the shoulder muscles, arms, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and legs. This makes is called a total body workout.

Sport is currently popular. Already many communities bike today and it seems more and more people are aware of how to get to work without damaging the environment and save money and burn lots of calories. You can burn 400 calories more in an hour of cycling. To shape your thighs and buttocks muscles, increase your speed when road uphill.

Although it looks not too tiring, but it turned out to golf can burn up to 300 calories in one hour. In every punch you, then the arm muscles, abdomen, back and shoulders have been trained.

Window Shopping
Though not included in sports, but most of you prefer to do window shopping than actual sport. Window shopping actually good for your health. By doing window shopping, then you can burn up 250 calories in one hour. A fair amount for the lazy.

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