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How to Cure Eye Floaters

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When you went to an oculist with symptoms of eye floaters, the doctor will first ask you questions about your eyes condition. The doctor will check your vision, see in front of your eyes with a slit lamp, and then dripping eye drops into the eye to widen the pupil. After the pupil is widened, the retina and vitreous will be checked with the rays of light from an ophthalmoscope, doctor will be able to see Floaters in the Eyes themselves and will be able to tell you whether there are any abnormalities related to the subject that requires tests or treatments even further.

whether this eye floater can be cured? Many eye floaters darkness and size are reduced by the time . Some of this is caused by significant absorption of the floater through natural processes within the eye. Eye floaters can also be shifted in its position within the eye, resulting in a more shadow effects. In addition, nerves in the brain will adapt and often become accustomed to the presence of eye floaters, ignoring them in a way similar to the feeling of you who just feel your shoes on your feet if you think about it. Eye floaters eventually tends to be less annoying.

Is there any medicine to eliminate the eye floater?
Although certain nostrum, vitamins, and products containing iodine has been praised as effective in reducing eye floaters, not even one of these has been proven effective in clinical trials. In unusual cases where the eye floaters caused by white blood cells in the vitreous of inflammation or infection, anti-inflammatory drugs or appropriate antibiotics will reduce the number of white blood cells. There are also oral medications or eye drops that reduce the value for common types of eye floaters.

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