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Secret Room in Tiger Woods Luxury Mansion

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Tiger Woods has a luxurious mansion costing U.S. $44 million. Mansion is rumored to have a secret room equipped with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Tiger claims room was designed to help it recover if He get injury.

But, many do not believe the same statement. The people closest to Tiger and they are very familiar with these golfers doubt what tiger says. They suspect that the room will be used to having an affair with another woman.

"People closest to Tiger believe he built a special room in the mansion was none other than to conquer a beautiful woman," a source told Showbizspy, Wednesday, June 9, 2010.

According to those closest to the Tiger, the father of two children was highly addicted to sex. That's what makes Tiger was having an affair with hundreds of women and later had to pay very expensive. His household was in the balance. The wife, a former Swedish model, asking for a divorce because she could not forgive her husband.

Not only that, Elin also demanded compensation huge money on Tiger. He feels he has tainted his reputation and embarrass him. Elin hire a private detective to investigate her husband's wealth.

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