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Swimming is recommended for Pregnant Women

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Physical changes that occur during pregnancy make women afraid to exercise. One good exercise for pregnant women are swimming.

Many medical facts say, swimming can train your lungs and heart. Just like when you are doing sports like jogging and aerobics.

Body temperature during swimming quite stable, this will reduce the possibility of fetal disorders. Also swimming is also good exercise to strengthen muscles in the uterus and pelvic joints. This will facilitate the delivery.

That need to be taken when swimming is not trying to backstroke and butterfly. Backstroke at risk of blood vessel pressing on the uterus. While the butterfly style, which is too much movement at the waist, it is feared could cause any conflicts on the uterus.

The recommended style should breaststroke and freestyle. Such style is the most simple style and not too much motion. For mothers who can not swim, just do walking movements in the water calmly and slowly.

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