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Causes of Abdominal Pain When Running

Sudden abdominal pain while running definitely a lot that never experienced it. This makes a person a stomach ache to slow its speed or even stop running. What makes stomach pain while running?

The most obvious reason of this problem is an imbalance in the diet or digestive system. Consequences will arise feel uncomfortable and abdominal pain.

Quoted from Runningtimes, Tuesday (07/27/2010) some conditions can lead to pain, which is due to stomach cramps, body of water deficiency (dehydration) during the run, did not provide sufficient time for the body to rest after eating, a person does not optimal stamina when running, and someone ran too fast or out of power at the beginning.

But the cause of this pain varies, namely:

Body's oxygen shortage
The experts said tersebeut condition occurs because the supply of oxygen in the body have been reduced, so that the abdominal pain that may arise as a direct result of an intense heavy breathing.
This pain occurs in the muscular wall of the stomach and may spread to other places. To prevent this condition, then one must know how to control the breathing techniques.

Lack of body fluids
Lack of body fluids or dehydration is something that can not be avoided when the body is sweating. Therefore to avoid this condition make sure to consume enough water.

The occurrence of abdominal cramps
Condition abdominal cramps occur when the body is less heating or running when the stomach is in a state of satiety. Avoid this condition by warming up enough and do not run after eating a large meal.

The problem on large bowel or bladder
When the organ in the body such as the colon, bladder or pelvic floor disorder, then this will affect the incidence of pain in his stomach.

For that to avoid running too fast or too hard at the beginning of a run, and try to slow down if the body begins to feel pain.


Exercise During Pregnancy is Important

When having pregnancy doesn`t mean you should stop exercise. For stay healthy and give birth smoothly, try to move your body regularly.

Exercise during pregnancy is needed to improve health and fitness. Many of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, including:

1. Helps reduce backaches, constipation and abdominal bloating.

2. Increase energy so that can remain active through activities.

3. Helping you feel a bit tired to make you able to sleep more quickly so getting a good sleep pattern.

4. Strengthen the muscles in the body. This will help you when the delivery took place.

Good exercise for pregnant women, is a sport associated with the heart, abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic muscles.

You can try to exercise or walk around the park complex. Squat and kegel exercises are also good for strengthening the pelvic muscles. Rest when you feel tired and inadequate drinking water your body to avoid dehydration.

Begin a gradual exercise, adequate exercise five minutes if you have never exercised before. then add five minutes a week thereafter. Add the time of exercise each week until it reaches 30 minutes.


Chlorine in Swimming Pools Can be Dangerous

Swimming is a type of cardio exercise that best for your body. Calories burned by doing This exercise is far greater than that obtained when running or cycling.

Even so, there are health risks that are acquired from behind the swim. Chlorine in pools can be a source of health risk in man.

Chlorine used in swimming pools as a disinfectant to prevent E. coli bacteria and mosquito larvae. Although it looks good for humans, but the chlorine could be a boomerang.

A study says that too much chlorine levels in water can cause reduced lung function, asthma, erosion of tooth enamel to bladder cancer. Risk is also valid for those who often swim in Chlorine water. Chlorine is mixed with leaves can cause a dangerous substance.

Then what's the solution? The first step can be done is to reduce the concentration of chlorine in swimming pools. This you can do if it has its own swimming pool. But if you're used to swim in public swimming pools, then it should encourage managers to reduce it or should reduce the portion of your swim and replace them with other sports such as running or cycling.

Get around to selecting the outdoor swimming pool can also be a solution. Poisonous gas in the pool will spread faster in the outdoor swimming pool. Another possible step is to immediately shower with disinfectant soap after swimming and water to avoid chlorine permeates the pores.


The Cheap and Easy Alternative Sports

Feeling lazy, not enough time or a lot of work, a few reasons not to do sports activities. There is an alternative sport that is easy and practical as a solution, ex; take the stairs.

This exercise has a benefit similar to other sports, including running. Stair climbing is good exercise to tighten your buttocks muscles, nourish the heart and respiration. Calories burned even more than running or cycling with the same time. Only 30 minutes away, you can burn up to 300 calories.

Interestingly, this exercise you can do anywhere. Starting from the playground to the steps of an office building. To be more fun there are a few tips that you should follow.

1. For beginners, do this exercise approximately 10 minutes. When you are accustomed to, add the length of time the exercise slowly.

2. Wear the proper shoes to avoid foot injury.

3. Drink water before and after doing this exercise climbing stairs.

4. Keep your spine upright and equipment in the state. Make sure all the soles of the feet were attached to the stairs.

5. Invite your friends to do this exercise along with you. Exercise outdoors definitely more enjoyable.

Slim Body Not Always Healthy

Many illnesses come from fat and excess weight. But according to recent research, slim and slender person can even have dangerous levels of fat in their bodies.

Body lean is not always healthy. This is a conclusion which was obtained based on research conducted British Medical Research Council.

In that study, researchers used MRI scans of the body to show that people can have a super slim internal high levels of fat around the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Such people are called 'skinny-fat', which also have a dangerous health risk.

"The fat appeared in the fat is subcutaneous fat. But the truth is more dangerous is visceral fat or fat that is not visible but it surrounds vital organs," explained Dr. Ron McCoy, a spokeswoman based in Melbourne for the Royal College of Australian doctors, as reported of Indiavision, Tuesday (07/13/2010).

Dr. McCoy revealed that visceral fat is fat that is metabolized by the liver, which is converted to cholesterol. Cholesterol circulates in the blood and can accumulate in the arteries, which eventually lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Visceral fat is also believed to produce more hormones and proteins than subcutaneous fat, thus affecting glucose levels, causing the emergence of type-2 diabetes and other health problems like heart disease.

Why slim people can accumulate in body fat?

1. Lack of physical exercise is the biggest reason
"If your body does not move, it can not build fat metabolism, both external (subcutaneous fat) or in the (visceral fat)," Sam said Mower, an exercise physiologist.

2. Poor diet
"If you eat foods high in saturated fats, like butter, cheese, cakes and biscuits, nearly all stored as visceral fat," concluded Mower.

In addition, menopause, excessive sugar intake and alcohol consumption can also cause people to experience 'skinny-fat'.


Overcoming Confusion Starting Routines Sports

Everyone has a different activity. To simplify your workout, so start by looking for a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all your daily activities from waking to sleep again and the hour.

Look for a series of free time between activities. Lucky for you who have plenty of free time because they can exercise longer and can more quickly get the body shape or weight as desired.

After finding the right time, now is the time you figure out what to do with sports. If you like a particular sport, it will be easy for you. But for those who can not decide, there are many articles about fitness that can be obtained from mengovolley.

Now you live launch sport you've specified. Do not forget to warm up first and then focus on program or sports games that have been determined so that the results obtained can be maximized. Please keep in mind when completed exercise for the first time, do not be surprised if the body feels sore. This happens because your muscles are not used to be trained.

Benefits of Weight Training (Part 2)

So many reasons used to avoid weight training. Whereas many direct benefits felt after doing so.
Here are nine benefits, continued from the previous article, which can be found by doing weight training:

  1. Weight training to stabilize low blood pressure.
  2. Weight training reduce the risk of diabetes.
  3. Exercise reduces load transfer thereby reducing the risk of gastrointestinal getting colon cancer, as quoted from fitnessandfreebies.
  4. Weight training lowered blood pressure.
  5. Weight training beautify the body shape, according to the program is doing by perseverance.
  6. Weight training to improve the function of the immune system in the body.
  7. Weight training reduce resting heart rate so the heart work more efficiently.
  8. Weight training to improve balance and coordination.
  9. Weight training can improve mood.
Still justified?
Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier dental office near San Diego


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