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Causes of Abdominal Pain When Running

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Sudden abdominal pain while running definitely a lot that never experienced it. This makes a person a stomach ache to slow its speed or even stop running. What makes stomach pain while running?

The most obvious reason of this problem is an imbalance in the diet or digestive system. Consequences will arise feel uncomfortable and abdominal pain.

Quoted from Runningtimes, Tuesday (07/27/2010) some conditions can lead to pain, which is due to stomach cramps, body of water deficiency (dehydration) during the run, did not provide sufficient time for the body to rest after eating, a person does not optimal stamina when running, and someone ran too fast or out of power at the beginning.

But the cause of this pain varies, namely:

Body's oxygen shortage
The experts said tersebeut condition occurs because the supply of oxygen in the body have been reduced, so that the abdominal pain that may arise as a direct result of an intense heavy breathing.
This pain occurs in the muscular wall of the stomach and may spread to other places. To prevent this condition, then one must know how to control the breathing techniques.

Lack of body fluids
Lack of body fluids or dehydration is something that can not be avoided when the body is sweating. Therefore to avoid this condition make sure to consume enough water.

The occurrence of abdominal cramps
Condition abdominal cramps occur when the body is less heating or running when the stomach is in a state of satiety. Avoid this condition by warming up enough and do not run after eating a large meal.

The problem on large bowel or bladder
When the organ in the body such as the colon, bladder or pelvic floor disorder, then this will affect the incidence of pain in his stomach.

For that to avoid running too fast or too hard at the beginning of a run, and try to slow down if the body begins to feel pain.

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