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The Cheap and Easy Alternative Sports

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Feeling lazy, not enough time or a lot of work, a few reasons not to do sports activities. There is an alternative sport that is easy and practical as a solution, ex; take the stairs.

This exercise has a benefit similar to other sports, including running. Stair climbing is good exercise to tighten your buttocks muscles, nourish the heart and respiration. Calories burned even more than running or cycling with the same time. Only 30 minutes away, you can burn up to 300 calories.

Interestingly, this exercise you can do anywhere. Starting from the playground to the steps of an office building. To be more fun there are a few tips that you should follow.

1. For beginners, do this exercise approximately 10 minutes. When you are accustomed to, add the length of time the exercise slowly.

2. Wear the proper shoes to avoid foot injury.

3. Drink water before and after doing this exercise climbing stairs.

4. Keep your spine upright and equipment in the state. Make sure all the soles of the feet were attached to the stairs.

5. Invite your friends to do this exercise along with you. Exercise outdoors definitely more enjoyable.

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