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Chlorine in Swimming Pools Can be Dangerous

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Swimming is a type of cardio exercise that best for your body. Calories burned by doing This exercise is far greater than that obtained when running or cycling.

Even so, there are health risks that are acquired from behind the swim. Chlorine in pools can be a source of health risk in man.

Chlorine used in swimming pools as a disinfectant to prevent E. coli bacteria and mosquito larvae. Although it looks good for humans, but the chlorine could be a boomerang.

A study says that too much chlorine levels in water can cause reduced lung function, asthma, erosion of tooth enamel to bladder cancer. Risk is also valid for those who often swim in Chlorine water. Chlorine is mixed with leaves can cause a dangerous substance.

Then what's the solution? The first step can be done is to reduce the concentration of chlorine in swimming pools. This you can do if it has its own swimming pool. But if you're used to swim in public swimming pools, then it should encourage managers to reduce it or should reduce the portion of your swim and replace them with other sports such as running or cycling.

Get around to selecting the outdoor swimming pool can also be a solution. Poisonous gas in the pool will spread faster in the outdoor swimming pool. Another possible step is to immediately shower with disinfectant soap after swimming and water to avoid chlorine permeates the pores.

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