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Exercise During Pregnancy is Important

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When having pregnancy doesn`t mean you should stop exercise. For stay healthy and give birth smoothly, try to move your body regularly.

Exercise during pregnancy is needed to improve health and fitness. Many of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, including:

1. Helps reduce backaches, constipation and abdominal bloating.

2. Increase energy so that can remain active through activities.

3. Helping you feel a bit tired to make you able to sleep more quickly so getting a good sleep pattern.

4. Strengthen the muscles in the body. This will help you when the delivery took place.

Good exercise for pregnant women, is a sport associated with the heart, abdominal muscles, back muscles and pelvic muscles.

You can try to exercise or walk around the park complex. Squat and kegel exercises are also good for strengthening the pelvic muscles. Rest when you feel tired and inadequate drinking water your body to avoid dehydration.

Begin a gradual exercise, adequate exercise five minutes if you have never exercised before. then add five minutes a week thereafter. Add the time of exercise each week until it reaches 30 minutes.

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