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Special Foods For Cycling

The cyclists in the Tour de France can burn nine thousand calories per day. Number of calories you burn will make you tempted to do this sport.

Before you begin, you'll want to prepare food for cycling. It takes the food with slow-burning carbohydrates to maintain your stamina. That means you need some snacks while cycling.

As quoted from the telegraph, to maintain the stamina from hour to hour, you need extra energy to do it. Snacks such as whole grains, beans and oats is very good to be consumed every hour to maintain stamina.

Also make sure you drink every hour. A bottle containing a little sweetener can restore depleted stamina and avoid the body from dehydration.

For lunch, choice of bread wheat and some vegetables are also able to maintain your stamina. Sliced chicken and a sprinkling of grated cheese will complement sandwich.

Do not eat dessert after lunch. cycling back to your home and celebrate the practice with an ice cream.

Get Slim with Doing Fitness In Water

Everyone feels a part of the troubled body. Big hips and thighs or deposition of fat in the abdomen and arm are some problems often complain about.

To overcome these problems, you can overcome it with exercise and one of them is swimming. You will also get a bonus to swim, ie weight loss.

Here are some variations of exercises to solve problems on a particular body part through a swim:

Sprint Kickboard
To perform this exercise, you need a kickboard, which is a small sign is used for those still learning to swim. How to do this exercise is to hold the kickboard with both hands straight out in front. Then do a kick in the water as fast as possible so that you drove to the other side of the pool. We make sure to kick your legs straight. If your knees bent, make sure the curve only slightly. After till end of the pool, rest for 15 seconds, then repeat back to the other side of the pond.

This exercise is very good to train the lower body. Fat around the buttocks, thighs and stomach will burn with exercise.

Hang at the end of the pool, keep your hands straight. Do a kick in the water quickly so your feet will be pushing forward while holding hands. Perform this exercise within 20 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds and start again. Do this exercise three times.

This exercise is to train lots of muscle. Arms, legs, buttocks, thighs and stomach do you train with these variations.

Tread Water
This variation is best done when you're resting in between sets of two variations of the above. The trick is floating, ie, by moving the hands and feet to remain floating in the water for 30 seconds. To increase the degree of difficulty, lift your hands from the water.


How to Relieve the Pain After Exercise

Leading an active, healthy lifestyle is crucial to having long, productive years. People are now more conscious about their health.  Many have included exercise and other health-enhancing activities to their daily regimen. However, the lack of professional supervision and wrong exercise procedures have exposed a lot of people to muscle pain.

Occasional muscle pain, if left untreated, may hinder one's quality of life. You can buy Tramadol Online to relieve the pain. Health experts say that muscle overuse and physical exertion are the main culprits behind muscle pain. In may cases, the pain tends to affect specific muscles. Muscle pain may be experienced before or after a certain strenuous activity.

Muscle overuse is one of the most common causes of muscle pain. It is a small-scale but potentially harmful muscular disturbance that develops when muscles are exposed to extreme or prolonged stress. Repetitive stress may lead to the development of micro-tears on the tissue and cause a greater tear over a period of time.  In addition to these effects, overused muscles may lose up to 40 to 50 percent of its normal strength. This condition may be painful and could have a negative impact on one's physical performance. Neglected injuries could linger and hamper a person's mobility later on in life.

Individuals who suffer from muscle pain may use pain relieving drugs. One of the most notable medications for pain relief is Tramadol, a synthetic pain reliever that has gained the approval of many doctors across the United States as Pharmacy No Prescription. It works by binding the receptors of the brain which are responsible for transmitting painful sensations throughout the body. Several medical studies show that this medication has a low abuse rate compared to other pain relievers. In addition, Tramadol side effects are milder compared to other pain relieving drugs out in the market.


Benefits of Having Exercise in the Morning

If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, then start exercising in the morning. That way, you will be much easier to do on a regular basis.

A study in Arizona, United States involving 500 people have said that 75 percent of people who exercise in the morning, exercising more regularly than other times. There are only 50 percent of people who can exercise regularly at night. While there are only 25 percent of people who can exercise regularly after work.

According to one researcher, Arthur Mollen, which can cause people to exercise more regularly in the morning because there is little reason to pass this healthy activity. One of the reasons most often out was drowsy from lack of sleep.

To get around this, you can use the snooze button on the phone for five minutes when the alarm was sounded. Snooze button will make you continue to be reminded not go to sleep again.

As a bonus, exercise in the morning will make a person more focused when working. This is evident from the study conducted by the University of Illinois. The study concluded that 20 minutes of aerobics can improve concentration, logic faster when reading and improve cognitive function of the brain.

4 Tips For Making Exercise a Routines Activity

Most people complain because of the difficulty in entering the sports schedule of daily activities. In fact, in your heart there is a desire to become healthier and lose weight.

Such dilemmas should be resolved in order to start living healthy. The first thing you need to be able to enter a sports exhaust into the daily routine is to kick 'lazy' in the self and replace it with 'intentions'. After that, follow these tips:

Preliminary Activities
Make sport as the first activity you do after you wash your face and brush my teeth in the morning. Morning is the perfect time to launch this activity because the body is still fresh.

Personal Trainer (PT)
If you have a very busy schedule, try to hire the services of PT. Let PT governing sports schedule, while you just follow the schedule that he gave.

Find Friends
You certainly have friends who have started a healthy life is not it? Friends like this you can use to change your lifestyle for the better.

Invite your friends to exercise together. Apart from good to start good habits of exercise, your friend is also good to motivate you.

Like other activities, record your exercise schedule in the planner, organizer or mobile phone. It is good to familiarize yourself up to become a routine exercise such other things.


Care Your Knee For Durability

Houston, Knees are vulnerable to injury because it has always been a cornerstone weight. In order to avoid the risk of arthritis and other damage in the old days, healthcare knee must be maintained since early, including a way to lose weight.

Arthritis or knee arthritis attack at nearly 50 percent of adults now entering the age of 85 years. The risk increases if the corresponding obese or overweight.

"Every time step, weight-bearing knee three times the weight. Running knee five times the burden of weight, while jumping seven-fold," said Dr William J Brian, an orthopedic surgeon from the Methodist Center for Sports Medicine in Houston.

Lifestyle modification is absolutely necessary for young people who begin to experience pain in joints. The goal is to lose weight, so the pressure that causes pain in the joints can be reduced.

According to Dr William, formula to lose weight is 70 percent diet and 30 percent of sports. Sports are conducted without dietary adjustments will not be effective, it can even aggravate joint damage if excessive.

In this case, Dr. William further suggested that sport is not too burdensome, especially the knee joints. Type of mild exercise such as swimming and cycling more advisable than a run, if the aim is to maintain joint health.

Equally important, the selection of comfortable footwear and suitable also affect the pressure on the joints. Shoes with pads that are too flat in the palm of a step becomes unstable and gives abnormal pressures on the knee.

"When experiencing pain in the knee that does not disappear until 2 weeks, see your doctor immediately. Possibly there was a mechanical fault on the part," said Dr. William, as quoted from HealthDay, Sunday (08/08/2010).


Get Fit In 15 Minutes

How busy you are, you`re definitely can spend 15 minutes. Use this time to tighten and make the body fit by exercising lightly.

"I do not have time to gym!" Or "solid schedule, a traffic jam. May not exercise! ". The reason is only applicable for those who think that the sport requires long hours. In fact, quite the 15 minutes you can be fit.

Not only that will fit you get with 15 minutes of exercise. Improved posture, skin tight until the weight loss benefits can be achieved by setting aside time during the 15 minutes of exercise.

What can be done with 15 minutes? Try to do aerobics. Not to be bored, vary the following aerobic exercise.

Heating (Three Minutes)
Bodyweight Squats: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, back straight and chest puffed out. Slowly lower the leg until the thigh position parallel to the floor and slowly lift your body to return to its original position. Repeat this exercise as much as 10 to 15 reps (repetitions), rest for 30 seconds and repeat this exercise again.

Push-ups: You must already know how to position the push-ups. The mistake that often happens is that when putting both hands. The position of the right hand is shoulder width apart. Lower your body towards the floor, but not to touch them. After that, return to starting position. Perform this movement as much as 10 to 15 reps. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat once more push-ups.

For you are a beginner, it will be difficult to perform this position, therefore, use your knee as a brace for the lower body using the leg more difficult.

Superset 1 (Six minutes)
Forward lunges: Stand up straight with both feet firmly. One step forward with right leg and bend your right knee until thigh parallel to floor. Return to starting position by making the right leg as a footstool. Do the same with the left foot and do repetitions with each leg up to do 10 reps.

Elevated Push-ups: Same as regular push-ups, only this time, your hand rests on a higher media. You can use the chairs, small tables, stairs or even a stack of books. Perform this movement in the 10 reps.

After doing push-ups elevate, rest one minute, then repeat the exercise this superset two more times.

Superset 2 (Six minutes)
Pull-ups: This movement requires a pull-up bar, but if you do not have it, you can use the top of the door as a pull-up bar. How to do it is by hanging on the door using both hands to the distance between the hands shoulder width apart with your other hand. Then lift your body upward until your chin over the edge doors. Perform this movement as much as 10 reps. If this exercise is very difficult for you, then do it he could.

Crunches: Lie on your back with knees bent and ankles crossed one another. Raise your upper body toward your knees by using abdominal muscles and then lower back. Perform this movement as much as 20 reps.

After doing push-ups elevate, rest one minute, then repeat the exercise this superset two more times.

To simplify the order of exercises, exercise 15 minutes following scheme:

Heating (Three Minutes)
Bodyweight Squats - Istrahat (30 seconds) - Bodyweight Squats - Push-ups - Istrahat (30 seconds) - Push-ups

Superset 1 (Six minutes)
Forward lunges - elevated push-ups - Rest (60 Seconds) - Forward
lunges - elevated push-ups - Rest (60 Seconds) - Forward lunges - elevated push-ups

Superset 2 (Six minutes)
Pull-ups - crunches - Rest (60 Seconds) - Pull-ups - crunches - Rest (60 Seconds) - Pull-ups - crunches


Is Running Your Hobbies? Then Add Following Foods Into Your Daily Menu!

For those of you who like running, there are some foods that will make you stay slim, full of energy and recover more quickly after a run. Add following foods into your daily menu.

The proteins contained in egg white is very good to provide the energy needed during a run. Besides that, eggs are also good for a tired body recover stamina after a run. This is caused by proteins that could repair damaged tissue during and after the run.
The best way to treat the eggs is to boil it. Do not forget to avoid the egg yolk.

Known for its vitamin C content of the lot, orange can increase calorie burn while running. The content of vitamin C also helps the body for good bone development.
There are several ways to eat oranges. First, eat it immediately. Second, mix it in fruit salad with egg. Third, making juice. This variation is certainly not easy to make you bored with the orange as the food menu.

Greens vegetables
Never leave a menu of green vegetables in every meal, because green vegetables complement the body's nutritional needs. Many green vegetables contain vitamin K, which is good for bone formation with proteins.

Look 20 Years Younger Because of Swimming

A study says that people who regularly swimming, allowing the biological functions of his body up to 20 years younger than her age today. What causes it?

There are several types of cardiovascular exercise. Among them walking, jogging, run, bike and swim. Among these cardiovascular sports, swimming is a sport that burns the most calories.

How not to swim at a leisurely pace in one hour can burn 500 calories. Meanwhile, if carried out intensively can burn 700 calories more!

This is because water has a density of 800 times heavier than air. So, every movement kicking, pushing, pulling and paddling is done like a mini-resistance exercises for all the core muscles of the body such as shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, buttocks and even the abdomen.

Besides burning calories much to know if this one exercise also increases the body's metabolism. Basically, the water can neutralize the gravity so you will be lighter when they want to drown. This obviously makes the work the joints of the body becomes lighter. From the benefits of water, the pool becomes the most minimal sports injuries (during the warm up correctly) than any other cardiovascular exercise.

There is another advantage of the swimming, which is ageless. How? A study says that people who regularly swimming, his biological functions could be up to 20 years younger than her age today. Besides blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiac performance, central nervous system and brain cognitive function swimmer comparable with someone who is much younger.

So many benefits of exercise on this one. Even so, there you need to consider while swimming because the sport still has risks
Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier dental office near San Diego


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