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Care Your Knee For Durability

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Houston, Knees are vulnerable to injury because it has always been a cornerstone weight. In order to avoid the risk of arthritis and other damage in the old days, healthcare knee must be maintained since early, including a way to lose weight.

Arthritis or knee arthritis attack at nearly 50 percent of adults now entering the age of 85 years. The risk increases if the corresponding obese or overweight.

"Every time step, weight-bearing knee three times the weight. Running knee five times the burden of weight, while jumping seven-fold," said Dr William J Brian, an orthopedic surgeon from the Methodist Center for Sports Medicine in Houston.

Lifestyle modification is absolutely necessary for young people who begin to experience pain in joints. The goal is to lose weight, so the pressure that causes pain in the joints can be reduced.

According to Dr William, formula to lose weight is 70 percent diet and 30 percent of sports. Sports are conducted without dietary adjustments will not be effective, it can even aggravate joint damage if excessive.

In this case, Dr. William further suggested that sport is not too burdensome, especially the knee joints. Type of mild exercise such as swimming and cycling more advisable than a run, if the aim is to maintain joint health.

Equally important, the selection of comfortable footwear and suitable also affect the pressure on the joints. Shoes with pads that are too flat in the palm of a step becomes unstable and gives abnormal pressures on the knee.

"When experiencing pain in the knee that does not disappear until 2 weeks, see your doctor immediately. Possibly there was a mechanical fault on the part," said Dr. William, as quoted from HealthDay, Sunday (08/08/2010).

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