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Is Running Your Hobbies? Then Add Following Foods Into Your Daily Menu!

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For those of you who like running, there are some foods that will make you stay slim, full of energy and recover more quickly after a run. Add following foods into your daily menu.

The proteins contained in egg white is very good to provide the energy needed during a run. Besides that, eggs are also good for a tired body recover stamina after a run. This is caused by proteins that could repair damaged tissue during and after the run.
The best way to treat the eggs is to boil it. Do not forget to avoid the egg yolk.

Known for its vitamin C content of the lot, orange can increase calorie burn while running. The content of vitamin C also helps the body for good bone development.
There are several ways to eat oranges. First, eat it immediately. Second, mix it in fruit salad with egg. Third, making juice. This variation is certainly not easy to make you bored with the orange as the food menu.

Greens vegetables
Never leave a menu of green vegetables in every meal, because green vegetables complement the body's nutritional needs. Many green vegetables contain vitamin K, which is good for bone formation with proteins.

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