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Look 20 Years Younger Because of Swimming

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A study says that people who regularly swimming, allowing the biological functions of his body up to 20 years younger than her age today. What causes it?

There are several types of cardiovascular exercise. Among them walking, jogging, run, bike and swim. Among these cardiovascular sports, swimming is a sport that burns the most calories.

How not to swim at a leisurely pace in one hour can burn 500 calories. Meanwhile, if carried out intensively can burn 700 calories more!

This is because water has a density of 800 times heavier than air. So, every movement kicking, pushing, pulling and paddling is done like a mini-resistance exercises for all the core muscles of the body such as shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, buttocks and even the abdomen.

Besides burning calories much to know if this one exercise also increases the body's metabolism. Basically, the water can neutralize the gravity so you will be lighter when they want to drown. This obviously makes the work the joints of the body becomes lighter. From the benefits of water, the pool becomes the most minimal sports injuries (during the warm up correctly) than any other cardiovascular exercise.

There is another advantage of the swimming, which is ageless. How? A study says that people who regularly swimming, his biological functions could be up to 20 years younger than her age today. Besides blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiac performance, central nervous system and brain cognitive function swimmer comparable with someone who is much younger.

So many benefits of exercise on this one. Even so, there you need to consider while swimming because the sport still has risks

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