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15 Minutes for Tighten Buttocks

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Solid and tight buttocks will not only make your body groove pretty sight. tight ass will enhance the appearance and confidence, especially when used in tight jeans. In addition, with your buttocks tight, then you have to reduce the stress on the feet.

Getting a beautiful ass is not as difficult as you imagine. As quoted from realsimple, no need to exercise for hours in the gym to get it, fast isometric exercises for 15 minutes can give you unexpected results.

Following this, rapid isometric exercises you can do. Perform each movement as much as four to eight times (more is better).

Full-Leg Contraction
Start with a wide squat, namely foot contraction, bend your knees to an angle of 90 degrees. Lift the heel of your right foot while right foot strain. Hold these conditions for four seconds. Repeat with left leg.

Glute Squeeze
Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Tighten your buttocks muscles as much as possible for four seconds.

Curl hamstring
Standing in front of a wall or chair. Put one hand on the wall or chair as an aid (if necessary). Lift your right leg behind your back foot pointing upwards. Hold the contraction attributable to four seconds. Repeat with left leg.

Standing Abduction
Begin this movement by widening the feet shoulder width apart. Lift your right leg backwards until your thighs form a 45 degree angle with your left leg. Point your toes downward until perpendicular to the floor. Tighten buttocks muscles for four seconds. Repeat with left leg.

Standing adduction
Like Standing Abduction, this movement begins with the feet spread shoulder width apart. Lift the leg forward to form a 45 degree angle. Cross your right foot to left and point the toes downward until perpendicular to the floor. Hold for four seconds and repeat with left leg.

Abduction and adduction seated
This exercise is done by sitting in a chair with feet in
floor. Clench your hands, place it between his thighs and press down. Tap into your thigh (leading to a fist), resistant to both thighs with both of your fist for four seconds. After that, put your fist on the outside of the thigh. Push the thigh outwards and hold down both thighs with both fists for four seconds.

After doing the above exercise with six repetitions (reps) as much as four to eight times, do this exercise again from scratch once again.

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