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5 Sports That Make Your Body Slim

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How to get the ideal body shape, one with burns calories. How to burn calories the most effective way is to exercise. Some types of the following sports can be your choice.

No need to do this type of sport that is difficult. Enough with simple exercise, you can make the body burn calories.

1. Run
Running can reduce calorie 800-1000. Running can burn fat and strengthen muscles. To begin this exercise the first time, can do around your housing once or twice a lap for 15-30 minutes, to avoid pain in the joints and muscles. The next week you can increase the time of exercise.

2. Jump rope
Jump rope can reduce the calories around 600-800 calories. You can do the jump rope at home or outside the home or whenever you can. Apart from being the burning of fat, jump rope may tighten the muscles of the arm and leg bones of the body and improve posture.

3. Jogging
Jogging can reduce 500-600 calories. Jogging with walking speed. This activity can improve physical and mental condition. Also, it can strengthen muscles and eliminate toxins that endanger the problem

4. Badminton
Badminton sports can reduce 400-500 calories. This exercise will make the body stay fit and maintain the beauty of the body. Not such an exhausting exercise sessions, badminton is a fun game especially when playing with a friend or spouse.

5. Aerobic
Aerobics can reduce 400-500 calories. Aerobics can make a fitter body with dance moves and cardio exercises. Aerobic exercise not only to burn fat, but also strengthens muscles and bones.

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