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Slim & Sexy Body By Bellydance

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You don`t have to spend all of your time in gym to Burn fat, Dancing can make us thinner. For example with dance or bellydance. Bellydance is a middle East typical dance. Now bellydance not only dances, but the movements can burn fat up to 300 calories / hour.

Belly dance movements is useful to train the muscles and joints, also frees the skin of the cellulite. Bellydance movement will allow you to burn fat and followed the weight.

Bellydance can improve health and form the curve of the body becomes more beautiful. Bellydance also serves to strengthen the spine and back into shape after childbirth.

Bellydance movement focused around the shoulders, abdomen, waist and hips. You can practice them at home.

Although looks easy, but it takes practice to do bellydance. It's good to go if you want to do special bellydance workshops .

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