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Interval Training, Most Effective Fat Burning Excercise

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Method of interval training is very popular in the world of fitness. Is interval training workout that combines the two intensities, ie, training with high intensity and low with a ratio of 80:20.

If done correctly, then it will be very much exercise to burn calories than regular cardio workout. In addition, the level of endurance and stamina increased, too, which means, the more healthy body.

The theory of this method is to create an alternative between high-intensity exercise and low that makes your cardio workout to be more difficult than just regular jogging. Body will deplete more energy so that more fat burning, as quoted from EzineArticles.

There are several ways to do this interval training, ranging from very short up to a more difficult exercise. For those of you who just want to start this exercise, it is advisable to conduct a short training course for interval training at an advanced need extra stamina. Here's an example of how to do interval training for beginners:

The first thing you should do is to warm up for five minutes. Focus on the stretch in the leg joints and leg muscles.

After warming up, then start running (sprint) as tight as possible for 10 seconds. Lower the intensity by jogging for five seconds, approximately 10 to 20 percent of your maximum speed and then repeating the run sprints.

Keep in mind that the duration of time above is not a mandatory reference for those who are new to exercise intensity. Things you need to know in the first exercise was to determine limits of your ability. If you can not do the example above exercise, then try to run a sprint for seven seconds and three seconds to walk fast.

Without you knowing it, by doing this exercise regularly, then you will increase your stamina. This allows you to do interval training with a higher intensity.

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