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Simple Physical Exercises to Increase Height

Everyone would like to have the ideal height in order to appear with confidence. But with age, height growth will stop naturally. With a simple physical exercises, the optimal height can still be obtained.

LIVESTRONG Launched on Tuesday (09/11/2010), the following simple physical exercise can optimize your height:

1. Correct breathing exercises
Believe it or not, breathing technique is wrong with the expansion of the diaphragm and breathing muscles which can cause bad sternum and ribs shorten. Shallow breathing, physical condition and poor posture can contribute to the development of the diaphragm is wrong.

Deep breathing exercises like yoga, pilates and tai chi is the proper way for breathing patterns in everyday life. This exercise also can optimize your height.

2. Stretching
In conditions of tight muscles or tense, your body will then automatically retracts. Anyone who wants to exercise to increase height must first be to stretch the muscles to let go back to normal.

When the muscles in a state that is normal or not tense, then the body will be able to achieve the maximum potential height.

Try doing stretching exercises on the back thigh muscles, calves, hips, chest and neck every day. The muscles tense short and need time to stretch and return to normal position.

It is recommended to hold all stretches for 60 seconds each stretch, thus giving time to the muscle to elongate.

3. Sports
Sports that can increase height are exercise that focuses on movements that improve posture. One of them is rowing. Sports paddle allows you to strengthen your back and shoulders the center, which in turn helps maintain upright posture.

Additionally, swimming is also an effective increase in height because it optimizes motion in the shoulder muscles, arms, chest and legs.


Swimming Can Make Children Smarter

Queensland, children are advised to master swimming as beneficial for health. Not only that, swimming can make children smarter. Recent studies have shown that learning to swim can make children more intelligent. A study at Griffith University conducted by surveying more than 10,000 children aged five-year average at swim class.

A cooperation project between Griffith University, Kids Alive Swim Program and Swim Australia aims to determine whether routine swim contribute to their physical, social, cognitive and language in pre-school learners.

"Anecdotal evidence found that swimmers or children who can swim tends to be more confident with the physical development that is greater than his age peers who can not swim," explained Professor Robyn Jorgensen, Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Queensland, as reported by News.com . au, Thursday (11/04/2010).

According to Prof. Jorgensen, preliminary data from this study are quite positive. Children who learn or take a swim class seems superior in development, whether physical, social, cognitive and language.

"Drowning is the leading cause of death in the under 5 year age group, both in the pool, shower or other water sources. So we wanted to raise awareness about the importance of learning to swim from an early age," said Prof. Jorgensen.

Professor Jorgensen said that the research is the first detailed study that determines how much profit from the developments that occur in children who learn to swim.

"Our study will monitor the 10,000 students across Australia every year for four years," explained Prof. Jorgensen.

This study will identify key factors in swim programs that enhance development, such as the number of lessons per week, the child's age when he began lessons and access to the pool house.


3 Ways to Avoid Injury When Exercising

Sometimes we might suffered an injury while exercising, this can be caused by several things. In order not to experience this, then follow the following three ways to avoid such injuries and you should also have health insurance in case this accident occurs.

Warm up
The most effective way to avoid injury is to warm up. Both beginners and experts, the warming is a must do to avoid injury during exercise.

Warming up is useful to prepare the muscles and make them more flexible when you exercise will thus avoiding the muscles become tense. Do 10 to 15 minute warm up before exercising.

Signals from the body
Before the injury, the body usually gives signals signs of injury. Cramps, dizziness or pain is a given signal the body to tell that the body was almost past his limits. Do not force the body to keep practicing and go back to the gym as pain or other symptoms have disappeared.

Limit Exceeded
You already know the limits of force yourself to do a load or distance when running. But because he wanted to show off in front of other people, you try to train harder to lift weights or run further. Excessive exercise such as this are often the source of the problem of injury.

Being more powerful than others is not a person more healthy doses. Every person has a limit of different abilities.

Morning Walk Reduces Risk of Dementia

Morning Walk are very good to keep your body healthy. A recent study says that walking can keep the memories, to not easily forgotten.

The study was conducted involving 299 people free of dementia (senility). Researchers noted how many blocks which the participants pass by every morning in the week, as quoted by Science Daily.

After nine years, the researchers conducted brain scans of participants to measure their brain volume. The study found that people who walk at least 72 blocks per week, or around 9.7 up to 14.5 km per week had a larger brain volume than those who do not, according to the first record.

Four years later, participants in the test to see if they are experiencing cognitive impairment or dementia. Apparently there are 116 participants who experienced it. And the researchers concluded that people who diligently walked reduce by half the risk of dementia.

"If regular exercise in middle age can increase the health of the brain and improve concentration and memory in the future, it will be an additional reason to perform regular exercise," said Kirk I. Erickson, PhD, author of the study by the University of the United States.
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