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3 Ways to Avoid Injury When Exercising

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Sometimes we might suffered an injury while exercising, this can be caused by several things. In order not to experience this, then follow the following three ways to avoid such injuries and you should also have health insurance in case this accident occurs.

Warm up
The most effective way to avoid injury is to warm up. Both beginners and experts, the warming is a must do to avoid injury during exercise.

Warming up is useful to prepare the muscles and make them more flexible when you exercise will thus avoiding the muscles become tense. Do 10 to 15 minute warm up before exercising.

Signals from the body
Before the injury, the body usually gives signals signs of injury. Cramps, dizziness or pain is a given signal the body to tell that the body was almost past his limits. Do not force the body to keep practicing and go back to the gym as pain or other symptoms have disappeared.

Limit Exceeded
You already know the limits of force yourself to do a load or distance when running. But because he wanted to show off in front of other people, you try to train harder to lift weights or run further. Excessive exercise such as this are often the source of the problem of injury.

Being more powerful than others is not a person more healthy doses. Every person has a limit of different abilities.

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