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Simple Physical Exercises to Increase Height

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Everyone would like to have the ideal height in order to appear with confidence. But with age, height growth will stop naturally. With a simple physical exercises, the optimal height can still be obtained.

LIVESTRONG Launched on Tuesday (09/11/2010), the following simple physical exercise can optimize your height:

1. Correct breathing exercises
Believe it or not, breathing technique is wrong with the expansion of the diaphragm and breathing muscles which can cause bad sternum and ribs shorten. Shallow breathing, physical condition and poor posture can contribute to the development of the diaphragm is wrong.

Deep breathing exercises like yoga, pilates and tai chi is the proper way for breathing patterns in everyday life. This exercise also can optimize your height.

2. Stretching
In conditions of tight muscles or tense, your body will then automatically retracts. Anyone who wants to exercise to increase height must first be to stretch the muscles to let go back to normal.

When the muscles in a state that is normal or not tense, then the body will be able to achieve the maximum potential height.

Try doing stretching exercises on the back thigh muscles, calves, hips, chest and neck every day. The muscles tense short and need time to stretch and return to normal position.

It is recommended to hold all stretches for 60 seconds each stretch, thus giving time to the muscle to elongate.

3. Sports
Sports that can increase height are exercise that focuses on movements that improve posture. One of them is rowing. Sports paddle allows you to strengthen your back and shoulders the center, which in turn helps maintain upright posture.

Additionally, swimming is also an effective increase in height because it optimizes motion in the shoulder muscles, arms, chest and legs.

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