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Maurice Verrelli :How to Lose Weight Easily

Maurice Verrelli Said diet is an effective method to lose weight. However said Maurice Verrelli, without any diet you can still lose weight.

Walking is the easiest way to lose weight. 45 minutes brisk walking a day, four times a week can reduce one kilogram of body weight per month.

Apart from the benefits of slimming, walking also provides other benefits. Strengthens heart and lungs, increase bone density and improve your mood by producing more endorphins are some other benefits of walking. However, benefits that provide direct benefit to you is to suppress appetite, as quoted from Maurice Verrelli.

According to experts, 10 thousand steps a day will help you lose weight that can be realized with a one hour walk. Walking as much as 10 thousand steps may seem a lot, but you realize that can do this easily. Take children to school, play with her in the park will create 10 thousand steps per day.

Here are tricks you can do to get the maximum benefit from walking.

1. Walking with short steps. This will facilitate you reach the quota required.
2. Relax your head and your shoulder. Pump your arms forward and backward to train your heart rate and burn more calories.
3. Walk quickly to trigger sweating. But do not let you out of breath to talk tough.
4. Walk with different surfaces. This would make a lot of trained muscles.
5. Once you feel more fit, bring a bottle of water in the hands of your current
walk. This will help you to burn 200 calories more per 30 minutes.
6. Buy a pedometer to find out the number of steps you have already made per day
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