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laura diaz anchor :3 Fun Ways to Keep the Body Fit

Laura diaz anchor said exercise is a must for people who want to keep an ideal body shape and healthy. Laura diaz anchor also said for some people, engage in regular exercise is sometimes not easy.

The reason for this can vary. Not enough time, boring or the most popular excuse for laziness. If those three things that make you do not exercise, some of these activities may help you get the benefits of exercise in a way more fun.

Anything? Quoted from Sofeminine, here are three activities that make the body stay fit without having to go to the gym or strenuous exercise:

Join Dance Classes
You only have time to spare on Saturday and Sunday? Why not take advantage of your holiday to join a dance class. You can choose the type of dance you like, ranging from Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Salsa, Tango or a traditional Indonesian dance.

Whatever type you choose, the dance can make the whole body moving. Following a dance class for an hour or two equal benefits such as gymnastics. Plus, you can have fun without realizing been burning calories and fat!

Running and Music
Running is one of the most inexpensive sport to get the ideal body. Wake up as early as possible, breathe the fresh air and start getting ready to run around the complex around your home. Bring 'iPod' or MP3 player and play your favorite songs to accompany your running activity. While listening to music, sports run will be more relaxed and enjoyable.

Other tips in a fun sport is cycling. There are several models of bicycles that are specially designed for women so they can more comfortably and safely while you drive. You can bike around the complex urban home or garden area. Do not forget to wear a protective knee, keds shoes are comfortable and helmet.


Why We Feel Pain When Exercising at The First Time

Pain or discomfort that arises is an adaptation period to make the muscles become stronger and able to perform the next task. Therefore, one should not be discouraged or even stopped exercising.

"When a person is exercising the first time, the muscles will experience less physical stress. pain or tenderness is a natural thing of all kinds of physical activity and most commonly occurs in the early stages of a person to start a program," said Professor Rick Sharp, exercise physiologist from Iowa State University in Ames, as quoted by WebMD, Thursday (27/01/2011).

The pain and discomfort occurs between 24-48 hours after exercise. This condition is normal and is known as delayed muscle soreness (delayed Onset Muscle Soreness / DOMS).

When you are exercising that means he is testing the strength of the body and muscles that cause tension in the muscle fibers. Then the body will respond by triggering new muscle synthesis that makes muscles grow stronger and make people able to face a greater burden.

Each work load increases, the muscles are encouraged to survive. As a result the muscles become stressed and cause pain. This condition occurs when people first try a sport or exercise are more severe than previously.

If the body is sore after exercise, there are some things you can do to reduce pain:

    1. Compress with ice
    2. Break
    3. Anti-inflammatory drug
    4. Massage
    5. Stretch.

For the first exercise to do stretching or stretching because it can reduce the pain.
Start by doing a little exercise, then gradually increased the intensity and frequency. Perform cooling just before the exercise ends (10 minutes before it finishes) can also provide relieve pain.


5 Myths About Exercise You Need to Know

Lot of myths surrounding fitness and sports. Some of them are correct, but no less also less precise. Do not let your exercise and fitness in vain because they follow a false myth.

Quoted from Sofeminine, experts and fitness instructor outlines five most common myths and facts about sports:

1. Sports in the Morning More Effective
In fact, do the exercise according to time in accordance with your daily activities. If done regularly, exercise will give the same results both in the morning maximum, afternoon, evening or night. Some people choose to exercise in the morning for the body more fit before embarking on a day of activity. While some people prefer to exercise at night or after activity to eliminate stress. Keep in mind, the most important thing in sport is consistency and routine. Sports should be between three to five times a week. Eat a little snack one hour before exercise for energy intake.

2. You Need to Eat Protein Immediately After Exercise
In fact, the need for protein or not after exercise depending on your destination. Good protein consumed after exercise if you want to build muscle and reduce fat. Meanwhile, if your goal is to maintain healthy exercise, carbohydrate intake and energy drinks before, during and after exercise is recommended.

3. Cardio is the Fastest Way to Reduce Weight
Cardio is an effective exercise to burn calories. In one session, cardio exercise can burn 300-600 calories. But cardio is not the fastest way to lose weight. The fastest way lose weight is diet. It would be easy to reduce the 1,000 calories of food per day than 1,000 times to burn with exercise. But diet without exercise can cause a slower metabolism work that led to health hazards. Combine your cardio workout with a balanced diet to get the body more beautiful, healthy and strong.

4. Longer duration exercise, will result Faster
No doubt that the duration of training is very influential on the outcome desired. But if you want quicker results, it is not enough just to rely on a long workout at the gym. Fitness must be programmed and well-planned and strictly follow the schedule in order to get better results. If your goal workout in the gym to lose weight, the more calories you burn, weight would be reduced more quickly.

5. Exercise Will Increase Body Metabolism, So You Can Eat More
When exercising, your metabolism will increase and the amount of food intake that the body needs will increase. The problem is, many people blame interpret this information and assume they can eat all the food they want. If you want to get rid of fat, exercise must be accompanied by a healthy diet. Do not ruin your hard sport with a stack of burgers containing meat, cheese and cream!


Avoid Too Long Running on Treadmill

How much time do you spend running on the treadmill? One hour? Two hours? From now on, reduce the duration of your cardio workout.

If you run correctly, then 30 minutes is enough to become fitter. Running on a treadmill for more than 45 minutes should be undertaken only when you want to follow the race more than 45 minutes duration, as quoted from askthetrainer.

Doing exercises that are too long it turns out to give a negative impact. If the body is well hydrated and poor nutrition, cardio not only reduces weight but also reduces muscle mass.

Muscle mass is what determines the person's metabolic rate. If muscle mass decreases, the metabolism even worse. The result, not the body to be healthy, in fact vulnerable sick.

Do not stare at the calorimeter contained on a treadmill or stationary bike. What we need to realize now is not how many calories are burned during exercise, but what you burn after exercise is more important.

3 Dessert that Will Not Make You Fat

One scoop of ice cream, chocolate pudding with a molten fla or cheesecake may be the perfect dessert after eating lunch or dinner.

All the food is certainly not recommended for those who are dieting, because the sugar content and high calories. But that does not mean you can not enjoy dessert after a meal.

Reporting from the LIVESTRONG, the following are safe to eat dessert variety dieters:

Fruit Bake
Fruit is the most ideal dessert for the diet because of its natural sugar content. If you get bored with fresh fruit, you can serve it with baked way first. Baked fruit will taste sweeter and remove fluid such as syrup. So you do not need to add more sugar. Select your favorite fruit, misalnhya pineapple, peach, apple or pear. Cut crosswise, and bake for three to five minutes.

Frozen Yogurt
These types of foods that are popular in Indonesia, this could be an alternative to dessert. But you also must be smart selection. First thorough nutrient content and calories. Frozen yogurt is good for the diet should be no more than 70 calories per serving. Choose only fresh fruit for topping and avoid topping a lot of sugar such as cookies, jelly or syrup.

Smoothies can be an appropriate dessert for dieting, for a mixture made from real fruit and low fat yogurt. Select your favorite fruit, can be fresh or frozen fruit. Strawberry with mango or blueberries with pineapple could be the right combination for flavor. Put in blender, add 1 / 2 cup low-fat yogurt and process until smooth.


Blogging Make People More Socially Active

Blogging and social media was not only to meets people with old friends only. A study says that websites such sites make people more active and creative. You can even get your own name as the domain name of your social media or blogging platform, all you have to do is check domain availability with instant domain check and you have your own blog with your own name.

Research done by giving questionnaires to 900 students who were in college or recently graduated about how and with whom they interact on blogging and social media, as quoted by Reuters.

More than 60 percent of people say that the update status is the most frequently performed activities, followed by written comments. While 49 percent said that writing messages and comments to friends is the most frequently performed activities.

Researchers from the University of Texas has also found the same number of men and women who use the biggest social networking site. But there is little difference between men and women in using Blog and Facebook.

If women prefer to upload a photo with her friends, men prefer to upload photos related to the hobby or share links of political news.


Healthy Tips from Hollywood Celebrities that Easily Imitated

There are many ways to keep the body healthy and fit. A number of celebrities of this world also have their own tricks to keep fit and maintain the beauty of her body.

Peek into their daily exercise routine and copied to your health:

Julia Roberts
As reported by People, for matters of nutrition and fitness, star of the movie 'Pretty Woman' is very focused. According to her personal trainer Kathy Kaetler, Julia love doing cardio exercises that tighten your lower body, especially the buttocks and legs.

Rihanna personal trainer, exercise bike Ary Nunez suggested to form a tight and sexy body. "Cycling to burn fat, build muscle and sports are fun!" Ary said.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth aerobic dance performed two hours a day for his role in 'Iron Man 2' produce the body beautiful and healthy until now.

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys is very fond of vegetables and beans. Singer song 'No One'never missed even one day without a menu of vegetables and beans. Habit of eating healthy foods make her figure stay awake and have beautiful skin.

Stop Making Healthy Food Being Unhealthy

Basically, nature provides all food for human consumption. However, treatment is often inappropriate to make food (which should) actually harmful to the body healthy.

The problem is not on food, but the use of oils, sauces and combination of other materials that are not appropriate. The following process habits that make food unhealthy, as reported by Ask Men:

Chicken is a source of high protein. Roasted chicken is healthier than fried chicken, because not a lot to lose nutrients. But if you bake it with barbeque sauce, is not healthy as you can, but excess calories. Ready-made barbeque sauce commonly found in supermarkets contain sugar and calories is high.

For a healthier alternative, replace the barbeque sauce with homemade sauce. Combine soy sauce and Worcestershire, then spread to the chicken meat. Let stand several hours before baking to permeate the sauce.

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole wheat bread rich in fiber is good for the body, especially the heart. But wheat bread can be unhealthy food if spread with butter, cream cheese and bacon on it. Cream cheese contains very little protein, but high in saturated fat.

Replace the cream cheese and butter with pure peanut butter. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and less sugar which certainly offers more nutritious nutrients to the body. For the intake of protein, you can add one or two eggs egg white.

Vegetable stir
Sauteed vegetables is a solution to get healthy food with taste that much better (than steamed or boiled). But there are two mistakes that often do when cooking: using too much oil and sauce and eat it with white rice. Although low-fat, white rice has the potential to improve blood sugar levels.

To prevent vegetables lose many nutrients, keep in mind when you sautéing. Use a little oil and replace the sauce with natural ingredients such as onion, garlic and chili. Replace white rice with brown rice are low in carbohydrates and more fiber.

Skipping Can Burn Hundreds of Calories

Jump rope or skipping perhaps better known as the type of game for young children. But behind it, skipping can be an effective alternative to burning calories and beneficial for the body fitness.

Actually, skipping is one of the movement in aerobic exercises. The intensity jumps performed while doing this exercise effectively increased heart rate and burn fat more efficiently than other light exercise such as jogging and cycling.

As quoted from the LIVESTRONG, skipping for an hour can burn about 730 calories (for persons weighing 72 kg), 910 calories (for weight 90 kg) and almost 1100 calories (for 108 kg weight). For comparison, jogging burns only 580 calories per hour for body weight 72 kg, while cycling is only 300 calories.

Although impressed simple, there are some skipping techniques that need to be taken to ensure that its benefits can be felt the body to the max. For the basic motion, do low jumps and quick with your knees slightly bent. land lightly, do not land foot too hard.

Hold the rope with the position of the arm attached to the waist, while the hand in a horizontal position. Focus only on the circular motion of your hand, try to spin the rope is not too high. Start jumping with a gradual frequency, ranging from 20 times the leap, 40 to 100.

If you already proficient with basic movements, you can try a variety of other movements. For example, in a cross-court play rope, or jump on one foot turns. You also can jump with the movement of jogging or running.

It may seem easy, but it is not. The reason why jumping rope can burn so many calories in quick time, because this sport requires us fast activity.

For patients with obesity, being overweight or have a medical history that do not allow exercise too hard is important to consult with your doctor. Warm up first and immediately stop exercising if you feel there is pain or difficulty breathing. Happy exercising!


4 Benefits of Kickboxing For Beautiful & Healthy Body

In addition to fitness in the gym, there are several types of exercise effectively burns calories and ideal body shape. Kickboxing is one of them said Maurice Verrelli. This martial arts rely on intense physical contact such as kicking, punching, and avoid the blows that require physical strength and stamina.

There are several advantages to be gained from sport kickboxing. This exercise is beneficial to lose weight, build muscle, muscle flexibility training, speed training and agility, coordination between eyes and hands, improve mental alertness, balance training, improve posture and increase confidence.

Why this sport produces many benefits?

First, kickboxing many uses hand movements such as punching, holding punches and avoid the blow. So almost all hand muscles used simultaneously without having to repeat the movement many times that tend to be boring (like sit ups and push ups).

Second, kickboxing requires good balance and foot speed to kick and move. If done regularly, this exercise produces slender legs and tighten your buttocks.

Third, this exercise as an effective outlet for stress. Movement of punching, kicking and blocking this attack quickly requires full concentration so that the problem in your mind can be distracted for a moment.

Fourth, kickboxing is a sport that is fun and not boring, so you do not realize how long you exercise. Finish the exercise, not less than 1000 calories you have managed to waste.

Maurice Verrelli :Stress Can Cause Obesity

Maurice Verrelli, The problem of obesity was not just from food alone. Maurice Verrelli said obesity problem can also occur due to stress. Really?

Many people have long suspected that obesity has to do with stress. Now some scientists have found a correlation. The most dangerous of the relationship between stress and obesity are increasingly strong
embedded within the self. This is the result of notes Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, of New York City, an expert on weight loss and one female speaker at the American Diettetic Association.

"People often run away at the food when under stress, but unfortunately not the right foods they consume," says Taub-Dix. "This can make you gain weight and cause new stress to you," he said again.

Stress and Obesity: The Biological Relations

Have you ever noticed, when you experience severe stress if you tend to choose foods that make you feel comfortable like foods that are high in fat and sugar? Researchers have discovered a hormone in our body which was instrumental in this problem. Among them are:

When you reach the point of comfort for the fattening foods during times of stress, it may be an attempt to treat themselves. "Carbs that you eat to increase levels of serotonin," says Taub-Dix. "Serotonin is a hormone in the body that makes you feel 'good'. No wonder if the people who are under pressure tend to choose foods that bad. usually they tend to choose carbohydrate foods that contain high fat, such as muffins, donuts, cookies, pastry , and much more. " Taub-Dix said.

Researchers have found that severe stress can also be caused because the body can not remove the excess cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that handles the storage of fat and use of energy in our body. Cortisol is also able to increase appetite and promote our desire to consume sweet foods and fatty foods.

Neuropeptide Y
Studies conducted recently show that our bodies can process food in a different way when we are under pressure. The study was conducted on lab rats given a diet high in fat and sugar in a significant amount of body fat obtained

One study found that laboratory rats fed diets high in fat and sugar in a significant amount of body fat obtained when placed under stress conditions.

If we are one of the people who fled to eat when under stress, what should be done to avoid weight gain in times of trouble?

Do not let haunted by hunger
"When you feel hungry and you let it continue, your blood sugar will drop dramatically. This will cause you difficulty to think clearly due to blood sugar levels are too low. And it makes you eat everything," explains Taub -Dix. To avoid things like this, you should not help being hungry did not even eat at all.

Keeping Portion Eating
"People who are in conditions of severe stress, there is a tendency not to think about what they eat and the portions. We recommend that you eat in small portions so that the calories are absorbed still be well controlled," says Taub-Dix.

Choose Healthy Snacks
If you are a typical person who likes to snack, Taub-Dix suggests combining your snacks are loaded with protein and carbohydrates. The body is able to digest all the food slowly, so you'll feel full longer. Avoid snacks are full of sugar and fat.

Think Back What You Eat
"When you feel stressed, you will be focusing her how to lose weight quickly that just makes you become more stressed. The food you eat is a source of energy for your body and your brain. If you eat foods that are healthy and in correct amounts, this would make your body resist stress, "says Taub-Dix.

Avoid Stress
If only the talk is easy compared to practice it, but if you find a way how to avoid the stress that's the best thing to do. Try to do yoga, tai chi, or meditation. Exercise regularly, spend time with friends can reduce stress in your life.

If you find yourself wanting a high-fat foods or foods that are sweet, maybe you are experiencing severe stress. Think that you are not alone. You can fight the feeling.

Find a way to avoid stress in your life and make your life better by choosing the right food. Stress may already be a part of life, but do not let stress control your life!


What is the difference between HPV and genital warts?

HPV is the virus that is responsible for the development of genital warts. HPV is the cause of genital warts. This virus is passed along from person to person through genital contact, either vaginal or anal sex. HPV can be hard to treat as well as genital warts. HPV can also be transmitted by oral sex and simple genital to genital contact. For these reasons HPV can be passed by same-sex and heterosexual relationships, although your partner may not have and signs or symptoms of the disease. Why the genital warts? HPV causes once normal cells to basically mutate into raised growths of skin, known as warts. HPV is a very common type of STD with 50% of sexually active men and woman with multiple partners will get it during their life time.

Different Types of HPVs

Now, the HPV is divided into 40 different types that can thrive on the genital area of men and women. Going over just a few different types of HPV, they can infect the mouth and rarely, the throat (Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis; RRP). HPV 16 and 18 cause 70% of cervical cancer in women, these are also responsible for rectal cancer. These HPV types are the ones that mutate the cells of a woman's cervix and these changes can be seen on a PAP smear test. HPV 16 and 18 also cause the warts on the lining of the vagina, rectum, and urethra. HPV6 and 11 are responsible for the harmless genital lesions known as genital warts. But sometimes, certain types of HPV can cause genital warts in males and females. Of the 40 HPV types, do you know how many are transmitted through sexual contact of some kind? Yes, all 40 types of HPV are transmitted by sexual contact.

HPV Warts

Genital warts caused by HPV are known as condyloma acuminata. HPV warts will not appear immediately after contact. It may take a week or months after initial contact for the genital warts to appear. For this reason a person may think they are in the clear and begin to continue to be with other partners, infecting them as well. This alone a cause for the rapid spread of this disease. Remember, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. Fear not, once these genital warts develop and become visible they are treatable within the walls of a doctor's office. Do not try to treat a genital wart with over the counter wart removers used for hands and feet. Even after treatment, genital warts may return during the first 3 months of treatment. The color of these warts can be whitish, gray, red, or pink. If warts are present inside the vaginal canal, intercourse can become extremely painful. Genital warts from HPV, as stated before, are not the same as warts found on the hands and feet. For this reason warts found on the hands a feet cannot be transferred to the genital area. So the only difference between HPV and genital warts is that HPV is the virus and genital warts are what the virus does to the human skin cells.
Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier dental office near San Diego


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