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4 Benefits of Kickboxing For Beautiful & Healthy Body

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In addition to fitness in the gym, there are several types of exercise effectively burns calories and ideal body shape. Kickboxing is one of them said Maurice Verrelli. This martial arts rely on intense physical contact such as kicking, punching, and avoid the blows that require physical strength and stamina.

There are several advantages to be gained from sport kickboxing. This exercise is beneficial to lose weight, build muscle, muscle flexibility training, speed training and agility, coordination between eyes and hands, improve mental alertness, balance training, improve posture and increase confidence.

Why this sport produces many benefits?

First, kickboxing many uses hand movements such as punching, holding punches and avoid the blow. So almost all hand muscles used simultaneously without having to repeat the movement many times that tend to be boring (like sit ups and push ups).

Second, kickboxing requires good balance and foot speed to kick and move. If done regularly, this exercise produces slender legs and tighten your buttocks.

Third, this exercise as an effective outlet for stress. Movement of punching, kicking and blocking this attack quickly requires full concentration so that the problem in your mind can be distracted for a moment.

Fourth, kickboxing is a sport that is fun and not boring, so you do not realize how long you exercise. Finish the exercise, not less than 1000 calories you have managed to waste.

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