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Avoid Too Long Running on Treadmill

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How much time do you spend running on the treadmill? One hour? Two hours? From now on, reduce the duration of your cardio workout.

If you run correctly, then 30 minutes is enough to become fitter. Running on a treadmill for more than 45 minutes should be undertaken only when you want to follow the race more than 45 minutes duration, as quoted from askthetrainer.

Doing exercises that are too long it turns out to give a negative impact. If the body is well hydrated and poor nutrition, cardio not only reduces weight but also reduces muscle mass.

Muscle mass is what determines the person's metabolic rate. If muscle mass decreases, the metabolism even worse. The result, not the body to be healthy, in fact vulnerable sick.

Do not stare at the calorimeter contained on a treadmill or stationary bike. What we need to realize now is not how many calories are burned during exercise, but what you burn after exercise is more important.

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