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Blogging Make People More Socially Active

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Blogging and social media was not only to meets people with old friends only. A study says that websites such sites make people more active and creative. You can even get your own name as the domain name of your social media or blogging platform, all you have to do is check domain availability with instant domain check and you have your own blog with your own name.

Research done by giving questionnaires to 900 students who were in college or recently graduated about how and with whom they interact on blogging and social media, as quoted by Reuters.

More than 60 percent of people say that the update status is the most frequently performed activities, followed by written comments. While 49 percent said that writing messages and comments to friends is the most frequently performed activities.

Researchers from the University of Texas has also found the same number of men and women who use the biggest social networking site. But there is little difference between men and women in using Blog and Facebook.

If women prefer to upload a photo with her friends, men prefer to upload photos related to the hobby or share links of political news.

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