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Skipping Can Burn Hundreds of Calories

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Jump rope or skipping perhaps better known as the type of game for young children. But behind it, skipping can be an effective alternative to burning calories and beneficial for the body fitness.

Actually, skipping is one of the movement in aerobic exercises. The intensity jumps performed while doing this exercise effectively increased heart rate and burn fat more efficiently than other light exercise such as jogging and cycling.

As quoted from the LIVESTRONG, skipping for an hour can burn about 730 calories (for persons weighing 72 kg), 910 calories (for weight 90 kg) and almost 1100 calories (for 108 kg weight). For comparison, jogging burns only 580 calories per hour for body weight 72 kg, while cycling is only 300 calories.

Although impressed simple, there are some skipping techniques that need to be taken to ensure that its benefits can be felt the body to the max. For the basic motion, do low jumps and quick with your knees slightly bent. land lightly, do not land foot too hard.

Hold the rope with the position of the arm attached to the waist, while the hand in a horizontal position. Focus only on the circular motion of your hand, try to spin the rope is not too high. Start jumping with a gradual frequency, ranging from 20 times the leap, 40 to 100.

If you already proficient with basic movements, you can try a variety of other movements. For example, in a cross-court play rope, or jump on one foot turns. You also can jump with the movement of jogging or running.

It may seem easy, but it is not. The reason why jumping rope can burn so many calories in quick time, because this sport requires us fast activity.

For patients with obesity, being overweight or have a medical history that do not allow exercise too hard is important to consult with your doctor. Warm up first and immediately stop exercising if you feel there is pain or difficulty breathing. Happy exercising!

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