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Stop Making Healthy Food Being Unhealthy

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Basically, nature provides all food for human consumption. However, treatment is often inappropriate to make food (which should) actually harmful to the body healthy.

The problem is not on food, but the use of oils, sauces and combination of other materials that are not appropriate. The following process habits that make food unhealthy, as reported by Ask Men:

Chicken is a source of high protein. Roasted chicken is healthier than fried chicken, because not a lot to lose nutrients. But if you bake it with barbeque sauce, is not healthy as you can, but excess calories. Ready-made barbeque sauce commonly found in supermarkets contain sugar and calories is high.

For a healthier alternative, replace the barbeque sauce with homemade sauce. Combine soy sauce and Worcestershire, then spread to the chicken meat. Let stand several hours before baking to permeate the sauce.

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole wheat bread rich in fiber is good for the body, especially the heart. But wheat bread can be unhealthy food if spread with butter, cream cheese and bacon on it. Cream cheese contains very little protein, but high in saturated fat.

Replace the cream cheese and butter with pure peanut butter. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and less sugar which certainly offers more nutritious nutrients to the body. For the intake of protein, you can add one or two eggs egg white.

Vegetable stir
Sauteed vegetables is a solution to get healthy food with taste that much better (than steamed or boiled). But there are two mistakes that often do when cooking: using too much oil and sauce and eat it with white rice. Although low-fat, white rice has the potential to improve blood sugar levels.

To prevent vegetables lose many nutrients, keep in mind when you sautéing. Use a little oil and replace the sauce with natural ingredients such as onion, garlic and chili. Replace white rice with brown rice are low in carbohydrates and more fiber.

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