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Disposing Excess Fat in the Lower Arm

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The arm sagging due to excess fat around the armpit can be disturbing in appearance. Especially if you wear a blouse or dress without arms.

You can get rid of fat that interfere with the exercise, so the arms look more toned and the effect of sagging will vague.

Here are the steps, as quoted by LIVESTRONG.

Step 1
Reduce weight by eating a nutritious diet and eliminating excess calories. Eat fruit, vegetables, poultry meat, fresh fish and peas. Avoid trans fats, sugar and processed food / fast food. Limit your intake of dairy products are high in sugar and fat.

Step 2
Do activities that blood flow, to help burn calories and increase metabolism. Can by walking, running, swimming, dancing, cycling, jogging or join an aerobics class at least for 30 minutes, every four days a week. More often you sweat by exercising, the more fat you remove.

Step 3
Do sports that make up the body muscles, especially the arms. The formation of muscle can make your arm more tightly and reduces the appearance of sagging fat under the arm. Formation of the arm muscles can be done with push-ups, pull-ups and sit ups, at least twice a week until the muscle feels tired.

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