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Five Eating Rules for Your Successful Diet

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When dieting, not only the selection of foods that must be addressed. How eating the right also to be one determinant of the success of your diet. As quoted from Genius Beauty, here are five rules to eat for your diet successfully.

1. Do not Let the Hungry Stomach Too Long
You should be eating when the stomach was hungry. Hunger may only be postponed for 20 minutes. More than that, you are no longer able to control the appetite, especially if you are already plastered in front of sweet foods, sandwiches or fast food. Someone who is feeling extremely hungry, she could eat eating more than usual. If it is not possible to eat on time, always provide a glass of water and apples to prop hunger, for not craze on appetite .

2. Do not Watch TV While Eating
At dinner, it is important to concentrate on the food you eat. Therefore, turn off the TV and do not read magazines while you eat. Avoid also opened a hot topic of conversation until you are finished eating. The body has a natural signals that tell you when to eat and when you should stop. But when the mind is distracted from the food, you will devour more than necessary.

3. Chew Foods In Slowly
Stomach will more easily accept food that is digested in the mouth with good. The habit of chewing food slowly unlikely 'to hoard' excess weight. Our brain receives a signal that the stomach is full, just 20 minutes after we started eating. Therefore, to chew longer, you will not eat food and not adding extra calories.

4. Use small plates
First, dessert plates or small dish of fruit which can not load a lot of food. Second, psychologically, you'll find enough food on the plate so you will not take more. Meanwhile, if using a large plate, you'll be tempted to pour the food as much as possible to meet the part of plate that is empty. Wearing a small plate, you can reduce the portion ate 20% less.

5. Select the Right Drinks
It is very important to pay drinks that you choose as a friend to eat. Drinks such as tea, coffee, juice and juice should not be mixed with a heavy meal. Water is the best partner while you eat. If you still want to drink, you should drink one hour after meals.

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