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Kate Middleton`s Diet Before the Wedding Day

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Kate Middleton myriad preparations are made to look as perfect as possible on the day of her marriage with Prince William,  next April 29, one of them with a special diet.

Ahead of the wedding, Kate trying to lose a few pounds of body weight with consumption of foods high protein and low in carbohydrates. But i think slimquick female fat burner is the most effective way to lose weight in a short periods.

This French-style dietary pattern known as diet occupation, and reportedly, not just Kate who followed him but also Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman.

Popularized Diet Dr Pierre occupation is focused on high protein intake, low-fat foods, drink lots of water and wheat bran. The diet is divided into four stages: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization.

The first phase, dieters must consume as much food high protein and low in fat, including wheat bran and water. Then followed by consumption of vegetables, but without fruit in the second stage. It`s better if we add slimQuick cleanse pills on this phase, so the the methods will be optimum.

The next stage, eating two pieces of bread with cheese and fruit, and two servings of carbohydrate per day. Two days a week, dieters are allowed to eat dessert.

In the last phase, the dieter can eat whatever he wants. But afterward, dieters have to go back to the first stage of the diet occupation, namely the consumption of high protein, low fat, wheat bran and water.

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