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Want to Control Your Appetite? Make Your Body Sweating.

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Do you want the ideal body shape? Reduce calories, then your body weight will be reduced. These two sentences may sound easy, but actually very difficult. To reduce calories, you also have to reduce meal portions.

The problem is, the desire to eat or snack often unstoppable and lead to diet failure. The causes, while smell the aroma of cooking, the stomach will begin to produce more hunger hormones that forces us to eat, and eat on.

Resist the desire to eat is difficult, but that does not mean can not be done. Try some of these tips, which can control your desire to eat a lot.

1. Eat Boiled Potatoes
Starch contained in potatoes can eliminate your appetite. Potatoes also have complex carbohydrates that take a long time to be absorbed the body, so is in the intestine longer and inhibit hunger. Nutritionist from the University of Utah, as quoted from ourvanity, suggested to consume boiled or steamed potatoes as lunch. You can also make mixed salad with balsamic vinegar dressing.

2. Make the Body Sweating
Make your body sweat for poor appetite. Aerobics, an exercise that effectively reduce the levels of ghrelin - the hormone that causes hunger - while raising a hold hunger hormone in the body.

"You only require one hour of aerobic exercise to keep your appetite up to two hours. The result will be optimized if you add some movement on the sidelines of the exercise," said David Stensel, Ph.D.

3. Chewing Gum
Chewing movements can stimulate the nerves in the jaw area that is connected to the brain, which is responsible for delivering a sense of satiety. By chewing, automatically you will feel full. In addition, sugar-free chewing gum also can burn 11 calories in one hour. Not many indeed, but enough to help you reduce body weight.

4. Inhaling Specific scent
A study found, the scent of peppermint can suppress appetite, and people who breathe it every two hours to consume 2700 calories less in one week. Scent of banana, green apple and vanilla also has the same effect. The more often you inhale the scent, the more also lost body weight. Save perfume or scented candles in the closet, and use as appetite started to craze.

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