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Some Excercise that Can Be Done in Front of TV

Everybody wants a beautiful body, but many of them are lazy to move. Too busy watching television at home is one of the reason not to go to the gym and stayed home while snacking favorite snack.

In fact, exercise can be done anywhere. While we were watching TV too, we can also make small movements that could burn some calories. check out these tips to get some small exercises that can be performed in front of the TV.

1. Jogging
The easiest way to exercise in front of the TV is to start jogging in place. Select your favorite TV shows and a walk in place during a commercial break. Usually there will be 15 minutes of commercials in one hour event. If you watch TV for two hours, you're jogging for about half an hour.

2. Tighten stomach
Sitting on the couch, try to hold your stomach and pull back. Do as much as 20-30 times repetition. This simple exercise aimed at strengthening your abdominal muscles.

3. Squat

Squat is a position that is like you in the mood to sit down. Bend your knees slowly and open your feet shoulder width apart. Then stand up slowly, keep your back perfectly straight and look straight ahead. Repeat back movements such as sitting and standing during a commercial break lasts. Calculate how much movement you can do. This exercise is good for strengthening and toning the legs and buttocks.

4. Leg exercises
Lift your toes with the heel pressed firmly into the floor. Hold for a count of five and repeat. This is a good simple exercise to tighten your calf. To stretch your thigh muscles, raise one knee and paste it into your chest, hold for five counts. Repeat with other leg.

5. Dance
Dancing is an excellent cardio workout. Watch your favorite musical event and do the dance. Dancing is a fun and energetic way to exercise. With dancing for half an hour, you can burn 130-150 calories.

6. Up and down stairs
Try movements like climbing stairs, find a low height. In addition to moving the lower body, this exercise also can pump your heart. Step with one foot and then retreated with the other leg. When you are accustomed to, increase the speed of leg movement.

7. Exercise machine
Use a treadmill or stationary bicycle during the favorite event took place. That way you no longer can eat while watching TV, which actually put on weight. You also do not have to miss your favorite shows to exercise.


Brisk Walking Helps Prevent the Development of Prostate Cancer

San Francisco, prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is feared by men. But studies show men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer can prevent the development of the disease by doing brisk walking.

Based on observations made by the researcher, known that the people who walk by using the strength (brisk walking) for at least 3 hours a week can reduce the cancer that will grow and spread in the coming years.
The experts said it shows that keeping the body active can improve health. But the study reported in the journal Cancer Research warned that regular walking does not have the same effect.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco studied on 1455 people, mostly in their 60s who are diagnosed with localized prostate cancer (has not spread to other parts of body).

Participants were asked to tell how many exercises are done and what type. During the 31 weeks the researchers analyzed the participants including disease recurrence, the occurrence of bone tumors and deaths because of prostate cancer.

Researchers found that men who walked rapidly for at least 3 hours a week are less likely to get one of these complications.

"Apparently the man who walked quickly after diagnosis can delay or even prevent the development of the disease. The benefits of walking will depend on how fast you run," said Erin Richman research chief, as quoted by BBC News.

Richman said that walking is something that can be done by everyone, but walked casually seem to have no benefit for this. Because scientists believe brisk walking could affect the development of cancer by altering levels of certain proteins that have been proven in the laboratory serves to encourage the growth of cancer.

The results of this study still must continue to ascertain whether the results can be applied to all patients with prostate cancer or not. But the patients are still advised to have a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity and consult a physician before doing a new activity.


5 Basic Rules to Avoid Injury When Working Out

Are you a new member in the fitness club? It means that you need to know the rules before exercising in the gym. Although unofficial in nature, some of these rules you should follow to avoid injury and obtain optimal results.

Althea Shah, fitness instructor at Gold's Gym provide a list of what should and should not be done during exercise in the gym. This is her tips, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. No Excessive Weightlifting
Do not lift weights more than the ability of muscles and your body. Progressive or continuous exercise would be more effective in improving muscle strength, compared to lift weights too heavy but it is not a routine.

2. Cleanup Gym Equipment
Always wipe with a clean towel exercise equipment before and after wearing them. This will prevent the spread of germs. Maybe the staff at the gym had given instructions to always clean the fitness equipment. But it`s great when you check your own to ensure cleanliness.

3. Do Not Walk in the Gym Area with Barefoot
People passing by in the locker room, plus the lack of sunshine could be the good place for germs to grow. Do not walk barefoot in the gym. Always wear shoes, not only prevents exposed by fungi that cause red-itchy but also to prevent slipping when the floor is wet.

4. Turn off the phone
The gym is a place to exercise, so only do exercise when you are there. Send a text message, chat or phone calls not only useless time consuming, but also increase the risk of injury when working out.

Excerpted from the LIVESTRONG, one of three cases of accidents on treadmill happening because they use the phone while exercising. To prevent injury, learn first how to use fitness equipment and turn off or put silent mode during the exercise.

5. Fitness Equipment Safety Check
Before using the fitness equipment, check its safety. Check whether there are loose bolts or other particles that stuck to the appliance. also check on the sports machine cable that uses electricity to anticipate if there is a peeling rubber cord. If the engine make a rattling sound or not functioning as usual, stop exercising immediately and report to the instructor or staff.

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water After Exercise

Do you like to drink fresh coconut water? Coconut water is a favorite beverage for most of people, it tastes good and refreshing. But more than that, coconut water has great benefits for health.

Coconut water is nutritious for healthy body. Pure coconut water (no sugar mixture and ice) could be a natural isotonic beverage that can you eat after exercising.

Maybe some of you already know the isotonic beverage products on the market. But it would be safer for the body when you drink a kind of natural. Excerpted from the Health, coconut water contains the same electrolyte with body electrolyte. So it can re-hydrate your body and replace fluids after exercise or heavy activities.

In addition to functioning as isotonic drinks, coconut water also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium that improve blood circulation. Not only that, if you have digestive problems or constipation, drink young coconut water. There are anti-bacterial on coconut water so it can accelerate a function of the digestive system.

As reported by eHow, coconut water can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol, if taken correctly. Take 2 1 / 2 cup young coconut water at breakfast. According to research by the Food and Chemical Toxicology, the results can be seen after drinking coconut water on a regular basis for 45 days.

Coconut water is also good for diabetics. Quoted from the Times of India, coconut water can control blood sugar levels when taken regularly. In addition, young coconut water is also believed to increase metabolism so good to lose weight.


4 Healthy Habits to Get a Flat Stomach

Do you Want to get a beautiful body shape and a flat tummy? It`s not only doing some exercise to make it happens. Lifestyle can also affect a person's body shape. Well, if you are dreaming of a beautiful belly without fat deposits, you should get used to this lifestyle tips.

1. Inadequate fiber intake
It is no doubt, fiber is the most important nutrients for the beautiful and healthy body. But not only that. Foods rich in fiber such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains are also effective in preventing the occurrence of fat deposits in the abdomen.

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that take a long time to digest the body, thus delaying hunger longer. While fiber launch and protect the digestive system, also make the stomach feel full longer.

2. Much Laughter
You do not have to always worked hard to burn more calories. Only with laughter, you can get rid of dozens of calories in a day. Quoted from msn news, laugh at least 10 minutes to burn calories and make healthy heart.

In addition, the laugh is like exercising on a couch. Laughter makes your abdominal muscles tensed, the heart beats faster, and trigger a breath faster so that more oxygen into the body.

Maciej Buchowski, Ph.D., Director of the Energy Balance Core Laboratory at Vanderbilt University Medical Center said, laughing can burn calories every 10-15 minutes 10-40 a day.

3. Drink Papaya Juice
If you expect a flat stomach and lose weight quickly, enter the papaya juice in your daily menu. Drinking fresh papaya juice can be overcome constipation - which often causes abdominal bulge.

Papaya contains certain enzymes that have the same abilities as the human digestive system. In addition to drunk as juice, you can also eat it raw. Add lime juice when you`re not too happy with the smell.

4. Avoid Stress
Stress or depression can lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Why? Because of stress, the desire to eat tasty foods and fatty foods is greater. The brain will not focus on food, so without knowing your hand will continue to take food and put it in the mouth.
It is important to cope with stress if you want to get a beautiful belly. Try to do meditation for 20 minutes, sports aerobics and cardio, or invite your friends to go together to watch a comedy movie and shopping.


Listen to Music, Making Exercise More Effective

Aerobic exercise, will not be complete without up-beat musical accompaniment. Also with running, You may have seen scenes of advertisements on television or movies that show actors jogging or running around the park while listening to music. Apparently, the music had an important role in the success of the sport.

Excerpted from the Livestrong, some specific music could help improve the results of aerobic exercise or other sports. Studies conducted Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool, England, revealed, raising the tempo of music can increase the reach of cycling up to several miles. The faster tempo of music, the faster you move following the music tempo so the exercise will be more intense.

For example, spinning or exercise using static bicycle. If you`re listening to fast tempo music, your legs will be eager to pedal faster. Intense exercise, may burn more calories, so your exercise will be more effective and the desired results achieved.

What the other benefit that can be obtained by exercising while listening to music? Here goes the answer.

Switch off fatigue
When you have to do quite hard and intense routines exercises, the music can distract you from fatigue. For example, when you run a marathon exercise, music makes the brain to ignore tired feelings, so you also managed to run up to the 'finish' or complete the run on time.

But Dr. Len Kravitz of the University of New Mexico suggested, You should only use the music to exercise when your body in prime condition. Music can make you forget your physical condition, so it is not advisable if you have problems with heart disease or joint.

Music is often used to help increase the spirit of professional athletes before competition. Well, the same effect can also be obtained if you do aerobic exercise as they set fast rhythmic music. Why? Because musical works as simultaneous for the body.

Not just rhythm, song lyrics with the theme of dance, friendship or the environment can help improve arousal and readiness prior to exercise every day. Conversely, slow rhythmic music or the theme of grief, making the body more calm and disturbing mentality so we will lazy to exercise.

Choosing Music
After knowing the benefits of music in sport, it's time you recognize the types of music that can improve the effectiveness of your workout. There are three things you should look; the number of beats per minute, the lyrics and the kind of music that you like. Try some different songs to see whether the speed of the rhythm of the song fits with the sports that you live.

Find lyrics to songs that motivate, but if you do not find it, select a song with a fast-paced game instruments, such as techno music. Turn the music you love. Heavy metal music music or hard core -genre is fast tempo and add adrenaline. But if you do not like it, your ears would be disrupted.

Happy exercising!

5 Factors Causing Obesity Besides Food

Eating too much and not exercise diligently may be a major factor in obesity. But it was not only that. Excess weight could happen due to other things that you never imagined before.

Stay in air-conditioned space and lack of sleep are two of several causes of weight gain other than food. Here`s the other factors?

1. Turning Air Conditioning (AC)
Being in a room with a cool temperature is very comfortable. But be careful, too often linger in the air-conditioned room, you'll catch obesity. Excerpted from My Health News Daily, living continuously at a comfortable temperature, the body does not need to work to cool or warm the body.

Based on the study published in the International Journal of Obesity, Southern United States has the highest population of obesity among other American states. The average house there using AC. Each year, the demand for home air conditioning rose from 37% to 79% each year.

2. Sleep Deprivation
People who are less hours of quality sleep have higher risk of obesity, according to a study in the journal "Archives of Disease in Childhood". When someone does not get enough rest, can affect the formation of glucose that led to the emergence of diabetes.

Sleep Deprivation can increase hunger. It also makes the body feel tired all day, so that physical activity was reduced. Lack of exercise and physical inactivity can lead to weight gain more quickly.

3. Turn On Lights While Sleeping
The habits of turning on the lights at bedtime can add several inches of your waist circumference. Sleeping with the lights remain lit will make you often wake up. Awake at night, potentially making you hungry and snack foods in the kitchen.

4. Pollution
According to the results of a study reported by "Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition", pollution can affect the body's metabolism. Hazardous substances such as endocrine (a chemical found in plastics) and burning residual waste that is found in the human body, often associated with obesity. Likewise with the substances contained in pesticides. These substances interfere with the working system and inhibit the metabolism.

5. Friends Who Like Food
Quoted from That's Fit, researchers from Duke University found that one's diet is influenced by a group or friends. When we come together with a group of friends who hooked fatty or sweet foods, we will unconsciously follow the way of them eating.

The problem is, when someone who is easy to get fat, have friends with small-bodied but loves to eat. Maybe for a small body, eating a lot of food is not a problem. But for someone who is easy to get fat, following the eating habits of skinny friend would make gaining weight rapidly.


The Advantage and Disadvantage of Running, Cycling and Swimming.

Running, cycling and swimming are 3 types of exercise done by most of people. But what about the comparison of the three types of this sport?

Runing, biking and swimming are the most popular cardio exercise and almost everyone has access to do so. All these activities can provide a healthy body and an excellent calorie burner. To find the difference of all the three, then check out this comparison of three types of sports as quoted from Lifemojo:

The ability to burn calories
Running : calorie-burning exercise is the best among the others, one could burn 500-800 calories per hour
Bicycles : This sport generally burn calories as much as 350-650 calories per hour
Swimming: This exercise can burn 350-700 calories per hour

Risk of injury
Running: is one of the sport with the highest injury-prone because of the pressure associated with these exercises
Bicycles: This sport has a low risk of impact
Swimming: This sport has a lower risk of impact in the limbs, joints and muscles because of the nature of support from the water. Studies show exercise in waist-high water will reduce stress on joints by 50 percent, if at breast height to reduce stress on joints by 75 percent. This makes sports pool great for people recovering from injury.

Running: cost practically nothing because it can be done anywhere and anytime, just needed a comfortable pair of running shoes.
Bicycles: costs more expensive, it depends on the type of bicycle of his choice.
Swimming: sport is fairly cheap in terms of equipment, which needed only an easy access for entry to the pool.

Effects of body
Running: includes weight training can help build bone density and protects against osteoporosis. This exercise is good for the legs, especially calves and hamstrings.
Bicycles: This exercise is good for shaping and toning your thighs, quadriceps, calf muscles and the pelvic area.
Swimming: This exercise is generally beneficial for the body as a whole, but are consistently able to build density foot, back, shoulder and arm muscles.

Cardio benefits
Running: increase blood flow and circulation of oxygen throughout the body so beneficial for memory, concentration and physical endurance.
Bicycles: exercise is good for the heart and can reduce the incidence of heart disease.
Swimming: train your body to be able to use oxygen efficiently.

Not recommended at
Running: people who have a basic problem of the heart should avoid this exercise, as well as people with problems at the ankles, knees and hip joints.
Bike: sport is not recommended in people who have back problems and rheumatoid body
Swimming: This exercise is not recommended in people who are phobic of water

For people who have diabetes, asthma, angina (heart problems), high blood pressure or had surgery, you should consult your physician first. Hence the selection of the appropriate type of exercise depends entirely on the health condition and the objectives of the exercise.

Fun Ways to Meets the Need of Body's Fluid.

We all know the importance of adequate water levels in the body. Our bodies contain 50-60% of water to make various organs of the body working properly. In addition, water also has a share in the process of weight loss and destruction of toxins.

However, there are still many people who find it difficult to drink enough fluids every day. The reason can vary; lazy to drink water, not like the bland taste of pure water, even forgotten.

Generally, we should consume at least eight glasses of water a day. Find it difficult to meet them? Maybe because you're bored with the bland taste of pure water. Actually, you do not have to consume water only. Quoted by the Times of India, there are five alternative beverages to meet the needs of water on your body.

1. Pure Water
If you have an ulcer or other digestive problems, avoid drinking cold water because it will make it more severe. Drink warm or at room temperature. Make sure the water you drink in a good quality. If you want to add fresh flavor, you can give lemon juice.

2. Herbal tea
Herbal teas are not usually contain caffeine, so it was good enough to ensure adequate intake of fluid per day. Herbal teas such as peppermint and chamomile can increase the digestive system works. In addition to herbal tea, you can also eat antioxidant-rich green tea.

3. Vegetable Juice
Vegetable juice is also one way to meet the need of fluid per day. In addition, you can get the benefits of fiber and minerals of vegetables. Choice of vegetables can be a celery, cucumber, parsley or broccoli. Carrot juice is also great, only tends to sweet taste, so do not consume excessive. If you do not like the taste or smell of vegetables, you can combine it with fruits.

4. Smoothie
This beverage is also a suitable option to meet the need of water. Not only that, a smoothie can be a substitute for breakfast in the morning. In addition to vitamins, fluids and fiber, you can also get the benefits of calcium for bone density. Most people usually make a smoothie with blend fruit, ice cubes and ice cream. But if you want to maintain weight, you should combine several types of fruit with skim milk without ice cubes.

5. Fruit juice
Generally, eating fruit is better than drinking it. In liquid form, sugar content in fruit juice will be more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. But if you want to make fruit juice as an option to meet the body's fluids, you should multiply the water mixture. And, select fruit that does not contain much sugar.

6 Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Do you often eat non-stop until feel sick and nauseous, or can not control your eating habits? Be careful, you may suffer of uncontrolled eating symptoms or often referred  as compulsive eating disorders.

compulsive eating disorders are disturbances in eating patterns in which the sufferers eat without controlled and irregular. If left unchecked, compulsive eating disorders can cause the digestive system not functioning properly, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease.

Because this disorder involves the emotional and physical, so the handling can not be done alone. There should be psychotherapy helps, nutritionist or dietician. Even in cases that are severe, the patient should be treated intensively.

what is the symptoms of compulsive eating disorders? If you have three to four signs as quoted from the All Women STALK below, You should be wary and should soon find a solution.

1.Feeling Sad For Excessive Eating
It's not about feeling guilty for having spent two cups of hot chocolate or three scoop of banana split. If you often feel sad, miserable and hate yourself after eating too much, something is wrong with your eating habits.

2.Not Comfortable When Talking About Food
You always try to avoid talk of food, or spend hours checking the own body's? Means there is a possibility you suffer from uncontrollable eating disorder. It is also marked by the behavior of afraid to see the body in the mirror.

3.Eating While it is Full
Naturally, the body will send signals when a person must be satisfied and stop eating. People with eating disorders tend to be indifferent to excessive limits. If you still chew food but have been very satisfied, there is a possibility you are suffering from eating disorders. To fix this, try to eat slowly. Give the lag time to the next food. This will make you watch your body signals that you're full.

4.Skipping Mealtime
People with eating disorders often Skipping important mealtime, especially breakfast. Because if we let an empty stomach in a long time, we will feel very hungry which make us eat more than the portion should be.

5.Eating When Not Feeling Hungry
Maybe this is the most common symptoms that occur in people with eating disorders. Eating foods to satisfy your appetite, and not because of hunger can be harmful to the body and caused obesity. Occasional chocolate snack is fine. But you should be wary if the desire to eat and snack arises all day.

6.Sudden Strict Diet
People with compulsive eating disorder can eat uncontrollably, but at one time they stop eating all of a sudden or in a strict diet. This pattern obviously can disrupt the body's metabolic system. Therefore, the weight of patients with compulsive eating disorder may vary; between thin, medium to obese.


How Fiber Helps Lose Weight?

You may often hear the importance of fiber-rich diet to lose weight effectively. Nutrition experts also recommend to include lots of fruits and vegetables in the diet, if you want a more slender body.

But, perhaps only a few people know the reason why fiber is very important to helps weight loss program. In short, fiber-rich foods make you feel full faster so that food consumption was reduced.

More details, there are five things that makes fiber a determining factor for the success of the diet.

1. It took about 20 minutes for the brain to receive signals that your stomach is full. Foods rich in fiber usually takes longer to chew so you'll eat too much longer. That way, the stomach is feels full faster so you eat less.

2. Foods with high fiber content is usually low in calories, also contain nutrients and antioxidants that help you lose weight. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and whole grains are some examples of food that has three benefits.

3. Fiber foods take longer to digest, helping you feel full longer.

4. When we reach the intestine, fiber will absorb water until fluffy form gels with cholesterol in the blood. Then, the gel will be discarded along with the dirt removed from the body.

5. Fiber can also help slow the release of sugar in the bloodstream. This process avoids the increase in blood sugar that can make you hungry faster.

How adequate intake of fiber with a practical yet accurate? Quoted from Lifemojo, adults under age 50 should consume at least 25 grams of fiber (women) and 40 grams (men) per day. Here are some easy tips to get fiber.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more fiber than fruit juice / vegetable. Fiber intake would be better if eaten with the skin of fruit (eg apples, pears, cucumbers and grapes).

2. Eat a salad a few minutes before eating. Raw vegetables usually takes 10 minutes to spend, so you can limit your food intake.

3. When cravings come, eat crackers or biscuits made from whole wheat or wheat flour. Wheat biscuits and cookies is a safe way of snacking and not make fat, also have good taste.

4. Eat vegetables that have been mashed or vegetable soup before meals can also meet your fiber needs per day.

5. Replace white rice with brown rice, white bread with wheat bread, or corn cereal with oatmeal. Some of the food contains enough fiber can help you lose weight.


5 Stretches in the morning to boost Your Spirit

Your body felt weak and stiff when you wake in the morning? Some of these stretching movements can make muscles relax and the brain more clearly so that your body feels refreshed and ready to undergo the activity.

The trick is not difficult. Just do the five movement every morning after waking, and you will be free from feeling tired and lethargic every morning.

Degree mat or carpet, sit on it with your legs crossed. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold a few seconds and release slowly through your mouth. Repeat three times.

Swivel Neck
Still in the legs cross-legged position, rotate your neck slowly in the same direction five times. Then rotate in the opposite direction with the same amount.

Standing in an upright position with the hips and abdomen inward, and legs slightly open. Place both hands at your sides. wide open yur toes and feel the texture of the carpet or floor for blood circulation.
After that, bring the body into the wall, raise one hand above head and bending while the other hand is stretched to the wall. Do it this way in turns for the right and left hands.

Back Stretch
From a standing position, sitting back with your legs straight out in front. Reach toe with both hands, hold this position for several seconds. Do as much as five times.

Spine Stretching
This movement is called a spinal twist, its function to relax the muscles of the spine that feels stiff. In a sitting position, straighten your left leg while your right leg crossed into the left side. Rotate the body 90 degrees to the right (opposite the right foot), and hold for 45 seconds. Do alternately on the other side.

Natural Sweeteners That Not Make You Fat

Sugar has some benefits for the body, pumping energy to be more active. However, if consumed in excessive amounts, sugar can lead to excess weight.

all sweet foods can increase blood sugar quickly. When consumed, sugar content directly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing the increase in the hormone insulin. This hormone will clean up the sugar and fat from the blood, which is then stored in the network as an energy reserve. The process is what causes weight gain.

To avoid the accumulation of fat and excess weight from sugar, reduce the consumption of sweet foods became the only solution. But many women are not aware of sugar is consumed per day. Numerous studies reveal, women today eat more sugar than women in the age of 50 or 60 years ago.

The reason, because now most of the food products using the sugar that is refined or white sugar as a sweetener. Just imagine, in one can of soda can contain eight tablespoons of sugar. One piece of pie, containing as many as 11 teaspoons of sugar. While the chocolate cake, banana split and other sweet foods containing sugar average of 20-25 teaspoons of white sugar.

white sugar can damage the health and diet because they contain high calories but low in nutrients. In fact, white sugar can rob the body's natural nutrient that functions running metabolism.

In addition to weight gain, excess sugar can also damage the teeth, causing premature aging, diabetes, gallstones, weakened eyesight and decrease the body's immune function. To avoid the negative effects of sugar, you do not need to stop eating sweets. However, sugar is also needed to launch a working system of organs. It's just that their consumption should be limited.

There are several ingredients that you can use as a substitute for white sugar. A natural addition, food and beverage sweetener is also safe for the body:

Raw foods produced by bees contains many minerals and is believed safe for allergy sufferers. Honey taste sweeter than white sugar, so just use the third. Honey is suitable for use as a sweetener in cooking; example is poured while in a state of hot food. Honey is also suitable as a salad mixed with lemon dressing. But do not enter the honey while cooking because it can be toxic.

Date palm
Dates containing 60% sugar and levels could rise because of the drying process. Sugar dates are usually made from pulverized dried dates are up to in powder form. In addition, there are also palm sugar is a liquid. Add palm sugar when cooking or baking. The sweetness is quite unique, and far sweeter than white sugar. So, use a little will suffice.

Dried Fruit
Dried fruits such as raisins, prunes or apples can be a healthy alternative to sweetened foods. As a topping on food or cooked with other ingredients. Dried fruit is also suitable to add color to look more interesting dishes.

How to Easily Get a Beautiful Belly

Having a lean and flat stomach is the dream of every woman. There are many ways you can do to get a beautiful belly, as long as you do it on a regular basis.

No need to exercise hard like Jessica Alba or Halle Berry. There are some easy exercises that can be done by beginner and without requiring extra time or sacrifice your daily routine.

1. Sitting on Top of Fitness Balls
Ever see a large ball of rubber in the gym? Apparently exercise with fitness ball can also be done at home. Sit on a fitness ball while watching TV to burn your belly fat. Sit up straight on a fitness ball and keep it balanced.

2. Dance
Lose belly fat is great if done with dancing. Yes, dancing is the most popular sport and easy thing to do to get the ideal body. Dance Salsa, Samba and Belly can help shape your abdominal muscles. The more you dance the more well-trained muscles in your stomach.

3. Yoga
Yoga has many benefits on the body, other than good for breathing also can form the abdominal muscles. Yoga has many variations of movement that is easy to do. Learn more about Yoga movements to help you get a slim stomach. In addition, you also can improve organ function of your lungs with breathing exercises.

4. Abdominal Hold
This exercise is a very easy and can be done anytime and anywhere it is about to play with your abdominal muscles by holding your stomach. Sit down and hold stomach inward about 2-3 minutes, repeat 10 times a day. Apply this easy exercise in your routine for training abdominal muscles.

5. Weight Training
Researchers found that people who do weight training every day to eliminate the fat in the abdomen more than people who just do sit-ups. Train your abdominal muscles using weights at least twice a week. In addition to weight training, do not forget to combine it with cardio exercise for maximum results.


Inadequate Mineral Needs Every Day

Humans require minerals to enable hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. Minerals have many benefits for the body. For instance calcium contained in milk, serves to keep the bone from porous.

However, the human body can not produce its own minerals. Needs mineral usually obtained from meat and plants. Entering the minerals in the daily diet is very important, because it can help increase your metabolism which contribute to reducing excess calories.

As quoted from Live Strong, there are six essential minerals your body needs. Recognize the function and what foods are a source of minerals, to be included in your daily diet:

1. Calcium
According to the Dietary Supplements, the body needs 1,000 mg of calcium per day and 1,200 mg at the age of 50 years and over. Approximately 99 percent of calcium stored in bones and teeth, and utilized for growth. One percent of the remainder is used to help transport blood throughout the body, producing certain hormones and helps nerves work. Calcium can be obtained from milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, and broccoli.

2. Chrome
Although the body needs these minerals in small quantities, but the benefit is very large in metabolism. Chromium helps insulin process and store carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the body. Women need 0.025 mg of chromium a day while men need 0.035 mg. Eat broccoli, apples, wheat, potatoes and orange juice to get the chromium you need.

3. Zinc
Zinc works to keep the immune system and aid in healing wounds. Men require 11 mg zinc, while women need only 8 mg per day. Foods that contain these minerals are oysters, beef, chicken, almonds, cheese and yogurt.

4. Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral vital for strengthening bones. Half of the magnesium in the body was found in the bone. In addition, the body uses magnesium to regulate heartbeat, nerve function and muscle movement. Women need 310 mg of magnesium and men need 400 mg every day. Foods made from milk, beans, spinach, seafood, and soybeans are rich in magnesium.

5. Iron
Iron helps the blood to carry oxygen to every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Iron also plays a role in the growth, maintenance and differentiation of cells. Women need more iron, about 18 mg per day, due to menstruate and have a higher risk of anemia. While men need 8 mg of iron every day. Eating meat and fish to meet the need of iron in the body.

6. Selenium
Selenium acts as an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Selenium also helps to regulate thyroid gland hormones in the body. The body needs selenium 0.055 mg per day found in Brazil nuts, tuna, noodles or rice, cheese and eggs.


Special Diet to Eliminate Cellulite

Many people think, cellulite is part of the fat and will never be eliminated. However, cellulite fat was not significantly different from other types of body fat. Therefore, cellulite can be removed or disguised by doing the same diet to eliminate body fat.

The difference is, it can take longer to eliminate cellulite, because it is more visible on the surface of the skin than other fat. Manage your diet and eating the right foods can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Follow the right diet pattern, for removing cellulite from your body.

1. Eating Vegetables
Do not like eating vegetables? Think back to that habit! Vegetables have many benefits and one of them is good for a diet that can eliminate cellulite. Quoted from helium, vegetables rich in fiber and nutrients that can help eliminate toxins in fat cells and revitalize and fill the dead skin cells.

2. Eating Fruit
Not only vegetables, fruits are also rich in nutrients and water that can clean up toxins in the skin. In addition, the fruit also contain natural sweetener that can help reduce the desire for sweet foods that contribute to the emergence of cellulite.

3. Healthy Fats
Most people do not like to bring the fat in their diets because their purpose is to eliminate fat. However, healthy fats can help create a sense of fullness after meals so as not to feel hungry again. So the healthy fats in the diet plays an important role. Healthy fats can be obtained from olive oil, peanut butter, seeds, olives and avocado. Consumption also several species of fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon and sardines.

4. Drinking a lot
Dehydration or lack of fluid was found to cause cellulite. Therefore, the water is very important to remove wrinkles on the skin. Water also helps clean up harmful toxins so that fat cells can be removed from the body. Liquids are good for your body is water, lemon juice, herbal tea, fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices.

5. Avoid These Foods
Not all foods and beverages can be consumed to do this diet. Foods that should be avoided for successful diet is red meat, full cream milk, salt, refined sugar and processed foods. Also avoid foods that do not contain a preservative made from natural and as it will aggravate cellulite and increase the toxins in the body.

Leggings Can Make People Fat?

Leggings or tights are not only much-loved and worn by women but also men. But be careful, wear leggings hobby can make you more fat.

Experts have warned that leggings can make the muscles 'lazy', also causes legs wobbly and flabby stomach. All these things can make you put on weight.

"People who wear leggings can feel good and look great and I'm addicted to wear it as much as anyone else. But it turns out it brings a negative thing," says physiotherapist Sammy Margo, as reported by Dailymail, Monday (05/02/2011).

According to Margo, leggings 'hold' and give support to the quadricep (thigh muscle), buttocks and core muscles in the abdomen, and perform work that should be muscle.

"As a result, the muscle (which is supposed to work) are allowed to relax and do not work. So, when we have to take it off (leggings) during the summer, the slender body shape is not visible because the muscles are not working properly," explained Margo.

Margo added, the problem is further exacerbated because users are usually bare-foot leggings and stomach not very aesthetically, so that women who use less road leggings or moving.

"Leggings can hide the body parts we do not like, like cellulite on the legs or 'muffin top' (belly fat) us, so we can ignore this problem and less motivated to do the exercises in this section," explained Margo.

Not only makes you fat, tights or leggings will also be at risk for vaginal health because tights will cause suffering to the vagina.

The most common symptoms of the syndrome of these tights is the change in vaginal discharge that is usually white or yellow color sometimes becomes dense. Then accompanied by pelvic pain, vaginal itching and sometimes skin irritation.
Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier dental office near San Diego


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