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5 Basic Rules to Avoid Injury When Working Out

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Are you a new member in the fitness club? It means that you need to know the rules before exercising in the gym. Although unofficial in nature, some of these rules you should follow to avoid injury and obtain optimal results.

Althea Shah, fitness instructor at Gold's Gym provide a list of what should and should not be done during exercise in the gym. This is her tips, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. No Excessive Weightlifting
Do not lift weights more than the ability of muscles and your body. Progressive or continuous exercise would be more effective in improving muscle strength, compared to lift weights too heavy but it is not a routine.

2. Cleanup Gym Equipment
Always wipe with a clean towel exercise equipment before and after wearing them. This will prevent the spread of germs. Maybe the staff at the gym had given instructions to always clean the fitness equipment. But it`s great when you check your own to ensure cleanliness.

3. Do Not Walk in the Gym Area with Barefoot
People passing by in the locker room, plus the lack of sunshine could be the good place for germs to grow. Do not walk barefoot in the gym. Always wear shoes, not only prevents exposed by fungi that cause red-itchy but also to prevent slipping when the floor is wet.

4. Turn off the phone
The gym is a place to exercise, so only do exercise when you are there. Send a text message, chat or phone calls not only useless time consuming, but also increase the risk of injury when working out.

Excerpted from the LIVESTRONG, one of three cases of accidents on treadmill happening because they use the phone while exercising. To prevent injury, learn first how to use fitness equipment and turn off or put silent mode during the exercise.

5. Fitness Equipment Safety Check
Before using the fitness equipment, check its safety. Check whether there are loose bolts or other particles that stuck to the appliance. also check on the sports machine cable that uses electricity to anticipate if there is a peeling rubber cord. If the engine make a rattling sound or not functioning as usual, stop exercising immediately and report to the instructor or staff.

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