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5 Factors Causing Obesity Besides Food

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Eating too much and not exercise diligently may be a major factor in obesity. But it was not only that. Excess weight could happen due to other things that you never imagined before.

Stay in air-conditioned space and lack of sleep are two of several causes of weight gain other than food. Here`s the other factors?

1. Turning Air Conditioning (AC)
Being in a room with a cool temperature is very comfortable. But be careful, too often linger in the air-conditioned room, you'll catch obesity. Excerpted from My Health News Daily, living continuously at a comfortable temperature, the body does not need to work to cool or warm the body.

Based on the study published in the International Journal of Obesity, Southern United States has the highest population of obesity among other American states. The average house there using AC. Each year, the demand for home air conditioning rose from 37% to 79% each year.

2. Sleep Deprivation
People who are less hours of quality sleep have higher risk of obesity, according to a study in the journal "Archives of Disease in Childhood". When someone does not get enough rest, can affect the formation of glucose that led to the emergence of diabetes.

Sleep Deprivation can increase hunger. It also makes the body feel tired all day, so that physical activity was reduced. Lack of exercise and physical inactivity can lead to weight gain more quickly.

3. Turn On Lights While Sleeping
The habits of turning on the lights at bedtime can add several inches of your waist circumference. Sleeping with the lights remain lit will make you often wake up. Awake at night, potentially making you hungry and snack foods in the kitchen.

4. Pollution
According to the results of a study reported by "Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition", pollution can affect the body's metabolism. Hazardous substances such as endocrine (a chemical found in plastics) and burning residual waste that is found in the human body, often associated with obesity. Likewise with the substances contained in pesticides. These substances interfere with the working system and inhibit the metabolism.

5. Friends Who Like Food
Quoted from That's Fit, researchers from Duke University found that one's diet is influenced by a group or friends. When we come together with a group of friends who hooked fatty or sweet foods, we will unconsciously follow the way of them eating.

The problem is, when someone who is easy to get fat, have friends with small-bodied but loves to eat. Maybe for a small body, eating a lot of food is not a problem. But for someone who is easy to get fat, following the eating habits of skinny friend would make gaining weight rapidly.

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